Little known on incident involving shooting of Kingston Transit bus window shooting

A Kingston Transit bus window was apparently shot out with a BB or pellet gun on the night of Friday, Jul. 27, 2018.
Photo by First Response Media.

Close up photos show the window completely broken after being hit.
Photos by First Response Media.

There have been no arrests made, nor charges laid, in connection to the breaking of a Kingston Transit bus window that was apparently shot with a pellet gun in downtown Kingston.

The act of vandalism took place on Friday, Jul. 27, 2018 damaged and delayed a Kingston Transit bus on Division Street. At approximately 9:50 p.m., bus 1510 was servicing the 702 route, which stops at the intersection of York Street and Division Street.

The bus had just picked up passengers and was getting ready to pull away from the stop when passengers and the driver heard a loud sound from the middle of the bus.

“At first, I thought that someone had dropped a belonging, possibly a phone,” the bus driver stated at the time.

It wasn’t until passengers began to get up and move away from the right side of the bus that the driver turned around and noticed the broken window.

The broken window, which appeared to have been shot with a pellet gun, could be heard crackling and popping as the weight of the broken glass in the frame threatened to break completely.

The driver quickly notified dispatch to have another bus attend and pick up the stranded passengers, and Kingston Police were contacted and asked to attend.

It is unknown where the shot originated from, though eyewitnesses stated the window had definitely been shot at with a BB gun or pellet gun.

Kingston Police media relations officer, Const. Cam Mack, said that no arrests have been made, and that it is “too early to speak to charges” in connection to the incident. Mack said the cause of damage to the window is still under investigation, and that it’s too early to say whether or not there is a connection between the incident on Friday and the rash of vandalism of Kingston Transit bus stops in recent months.

More details will be publish if and when they become available.

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