LEAHY brings their powerful Canadian Celtic experience back to Kingston

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LEAHY wows the crowd in Feb 2020 at the Franklin Theatre in Franklin, TN. Left to right: Maria (guitar), Xavier (fiddle), Erin (fiddle), Frank (drums), Denise (guitar), Siobheann (bass), Julie (piano). Photo by Kristin Leisman Photography.

A Canadian Celtic music experience will return to Kingston when LEAHY takes the stage later this month at Kingston Grand Theatre.

Known nationally and internationally for their powerful performances, LEAHY will perform on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, sharing their distinct Celtic sound which combines roots music with contemporary styles, instruments, and step-dancing.

“This is a special performance that will be recorded,” Denise (Leahy) Flack, Lead Singer for the group told Kingstonist in an interview. “We were presented with an opportunity to film and record a live concert and we chose Kingston Grand Theatre as the place to do it!”

The group is no stranger to Kingston, having first performed here in the early 2000s at Fort Henry, and many times since. “The last time we played in Kingston was at Kingston Grand Theatre in 2013,” stated Maria Leahy, who plays acoustic guitar. “We have many fond memories of playing in the area, so we are really looking forward to our return!  We’ll be staying for three days, which is exciting.”

Pictured (L-R): Julie, Maria, Frank, Siobheann (front centre), Denise (behind Siobheann), Erin, Xavier (Frank’s son).
 Photo by Katherine Tyler | Tyler Twins, NYC.

LEAHY is truly a family event, both for the audience and the performers.

“We’ve always played music as a family, but to pursue a professional life in music together, we had to learn how to accommodate all the changes that naturally occur in life — like having families ourselves,” explained Leahy. “This meant that some tours didn’t always include everybody. At a certain point, our children started travelling with us, which led to them making guest appearances on the show.”

Today, some of the band’s children continue to join them on stage and contribute to the music in significant ways – from writing and performing, to inspiring and influencing some of their musical choices.

“Our style is still deeply rooted in our Canadian and Celtic heritage, but it also includes many other contemporary sounds and approaches. Sometimes we play traditional instruments in non-traditional ways because our musical instincts take us in all kinds of directions. We love the pure and the progressive, the gentle and the fierce — the range of emotions that music can uniquely express. We love it all, which is probably why our music and live performances are so diverse… not unlike our own music gatherings at home,” said Flack.

As a family and a band, LEAHY continues to evolve. “The music still leads us, and we do our best to follow. With so many more musicians, dancers, and vocalists in the family now, every performance can be quite an experience!”

Don’t wait to get your tickets for this upcoming LEAHY experience. Grab them now at the Kingston Grand Theatre Box Office at 218 Princess Street, by phone at 613-530-2050, or order online here.

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