Kingston’s Worst…Buildings

Ugliest Architecture
Greetings Kingston! A bit of a break from the typical reporting on events and general news, as today we’re calling on you for help. Essentially we need you to provide input on a future series that will focus on Kingston’s “ugliest” buildings. We’re not looking for derelict shacks, or abandoned warehouses, but rather we want your list of architectural disasters in a city that’s celebrates exposed limestone walls, and magnificent domes. So whether you’re favorite candidate is the new K-Rock Centre, the old Police Station, or that strange house around the corner, please let us know by submitting your entry in a comment below. Remember, each time you comment you’re automatically entered into our March draw for a gift certificate from either Minotaur Gifts and Games, or 4 Colour, 8 Bit.

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5 thoughts on “Kingston’s Worst…Buildings

  • Stauffer? I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone call that an eye sore. In fact, in the collage that introduces the article, the only one that hits me as hard to look at is the one in the top right. That is the Canada Post building downtown isn’t it? At Bagot and Brock St?

    City Hall though? That is a beautiful building! What’s with that showing up there?

    One building that REALLY stands out strong to me would definitely be the Memorial Centre. Simply not a pleasant image these days.

  • Parisians considered the Eiffel Tower an eyesore when it was first built, but it’s now regarded as a world class landmark. I am sure that some alumni and residents view Stauffer Library the same way. I don’t think it’s the ugliest. By the way, that dome in the lower left isn’t City Hall.

  • It’s St. George’s which is a lovely building. I think the point is that everyone views these buildings differently. As an alumnus of Queen’s (who was there just 5 years ago, with Stauffer already well established), I have to say that most people in my generation do not like Stauffer (myself included). My vote goes to the health building/family court on Wellington. It’s a nasty block of cement and it needs to go…right after they rip down Harrison-LeCaine at Queen’s (which according to my pilot friend, doesn’t really look like a piano from above like they say).

  • My mistake on the lower left. Looking at it again I see that it is definitely not City Hall!

    I stand by the Memorial Centre as being the only really strong contender in my books. Perhaps it is because I wasn’t raised in Kingston, gives me a better appreciation for the “Limestone City” :)

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