Kingston’s Next Member of Provincial Parliament

Member of Provincial Parliament, MPP, John Gerretsen, City of KingstonHere we go again. It seems as though it was just yesterday when we the few, flocked to the polling stations to elect a new Member of Parliament, and Mayor of Kingston. Next up is Ontario’s big election showdown, which takes place on October 6th. One factor that sets this election apart from other recent trips to the polls is that Kingston has a long standing incumbent vying for re-election.  MPP Gerretsen’s support during the 2007 campaign was decidedly strong, as the local Liberal representative better than doubled the number of votes received by the first runner up, PC candidate.  Can he bank on  that same overwhelming level of support in 2011?  With the seat up for grabs, this week’s poll asks:
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There are a lot of promises and proposals being brought to the table by Provincial party leaders, so much so that it’s been difficult to sift through the noise and pinpoint a single issue that matters to local voters.  Thus far Gerretsen, James, Holland and Kiley haven’t made too many headlines or provided any real fodder for debate, and while it may be a bit premature for fireworks, I’m really looking forward to discussions centred around heath care, energy costs and job creation.  Rest assured, Kingstonist will be doing our best to once again connect with local MPP candidates and their teams to get to know them better, and ask some tough questions.  If you’ve got a specific topic you’d like our local hopefuls to address, please feel free to jot it down via a comment or two.  We can’t promise that each and every suggestion will make it’s way into the final set of questions, but we’ll do our best to pose a broad range of queries to help you make the big decision come October 6th.

Thanks to k-ideas for today’s photo of a vote mob!

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14 thoughts on “Kingston’s Next Member of Provincial Parliament

  • Gerretsen 3 others 0. a commanding lead .. John Gerretsen by a landslide !!!!!!!!!

    • Always loving hearing from you Wayne. Perhaps we should give the poll more than 5 minutes before declaring a winner? As always, our poll will be up all week long…ending next Sunday at 11:59pm.

  • I would really like to see a question posed to the candidates that pointedly asks if any of them are willing to make a stand for secularists on the issue of separation of church and state and the catholic school board.

    • I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I wasn't paying attention to the important discussion that's been going on regarding this issue. After doing a bit of reading, I think this sort of topic would make for a great question. Keep them coming!

    • It should have been dealt with a long time ago, but I don't see it becoming an issue this time. No one will touch it after what happened to Tory last time.

      The teachers unions would oppose any change, so the NDP will. Mcguinty, who's kids attended separate schools, isn't going to change his status quo position from last time. And last thing the PC would want to do is remind anyone of Tory's proposal to fund all faith based schools to make it fair. I assume the Greens continue to support merging the school boards, but they will be barely noticed.

      I also like to see reform of police oversight and complaint handling discussed, but no one will want to touch that either.

      Locally I think Gerretsen must be feeling pretty safe. It would take a Bob Rae like campaign from the NDP to take away enough support for the PCs to win Kingston.

      • I agree completely, nothing is going to happen any time soon in this regard. I would still like to see the question posed to the local candidates though as it would give me a great deal of insight into the character of any candidate that was willing to make a stand for secularism.

        I do agree with the rest of your points too, Ontario has become rather politically stagnant, maintaining the status quo has become the only real purpose of any of the political leaders.

  • Great to see that Kingstonist is making sure that they do their part to ensure people are aware of the election.

    I am really hoping that Kingstonians will decided to move our political landscape forward with electing a representative that puts people first.

    This election is about the personal budget of everyday families, so issues of affordability are top of mind. With so many people being forced to either have no job or a part-time low wage one. Ontarians deserve better.

    I also believe that we have a young representative with fresh ideas and a different prespective from the old tired way of doing things. She will make an absolutely fantastic MPP.

    With that said I just wanted to remind to everyone is that you can vote today at the Returning Office, and in fact everyday up-to and including election day. Elections Ontario is doing everything they can to make it easier for everyone to vote.

  • I was going to vote for Gerretsen but now I am looking around for a different candidate. I recently wrote a letter to Garretsen asking his help in solving a serious environmental issue at the Howe Island ferry. If you would like to have more information google “Howe Island Ferry Noise”. Not only did Garretsen not help he didn’t even answer the letter. He says he is an environmental champion but don’t believe it. I think it is time to bring in someone new – someone who cares about the people that he or she represents.

  • Unfortunately Gerretsen has a long history of ignoring the needs of the people here in Kingston and the Islands. I have tried to get a hold of Mr. Gerretsen regarding several issues in this community, and not once in my 10 years living here have I ever had a response from anyone at his office. This includes issues in our city such as hospital wait times, accessibility issues, affordable houseing and the economic growth of our downtown area. Not one reply. Please people, before you cast a vote for Mr. Gerretson, please ask yourself if he is meeting your personal needs here in Kingston. If he's someone you can go to if you have an issues. Or most importantly, if he's the best one for the job. If you don't feel absolutely confident in that last one, don't waste your vote. Kingston needs someone who will work with us, not without.

  • Kingston should not be a dynasty under the thumb of the Gerretsen family. Kingston has enough old families holding the reins of power as it is.

    • It shouldn't matter what his last name is, the best candidate is the best candidate. I'll be voting Gerretsen simply because he is the best in the field, as far as the other three no-names are concerned.

      • Your right, it shouldn't matter what the name is, however Gerretsen is far away from the best. He doesn't even do his job for the people of this community. Doesn't respond to the concerns and needs of our community. Simply dismisses his responsibility.

        Its time for Change that Puts People First.

  • Mary Rita Holland is a great candidate… I am glad she's running. New Democrats have the best plan for the province.

  • Got my voter card deal in the mail today, hurrah! I've been seeing a lot more NDP signs in my neighborhood that I can recall seeing before – it's a student area so it's no surprise trends come and go, but some of the people who actually live here seem to be putting out signs.

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