Kingstonist Turns Two!

Kingstonist turns two years oldWhile most proud parents would likely sit back and laugh while their toddler destroys a perfectly good birthday cake, I’m the sort of person who’s more apt to dive right in and join in the fun.  In case you missed the numerous hints and reminders, today we are proud to announce and celebrate Kingstonist’s second birthday!

While a great deal has changed over the past two years, Kingstonist is still a community-driven site that provides unique perspectives and stories concerning Kingston, Ontario.  Kingstonist is a labour of love for me, however it was never meant to reflect only one person’s point of view.  Even so, in order to ensure that Kingstonist remained relevant and attractive to prospective readers, from time to time I’ve had to jump in and write something at the last minute.  Lately though, I’ve been able to take a step back and attend to other aspects of Kingstonist.  This is thanks to an increased amount of participation from our core group of contributors, specifically:  Isabel, Caitlin, Matt, Danielle, Tyffanie, Jordan, Duke and Josie.  Additionally, the creation of our Flickr group has allowed us to work more efficiently when it comes to showcasing the efforts of local photographers.

In early January, Kingstonist adopted the Intense Debate commenting system, which has drastically increased the quality and quantity of comments from new and regular readers alike.  I also believe that we’ve been doing a better job producing interesting and engaging content.  But before I go patting the writers on their backs, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading, commenting, tweeting, linking and otherwise spreading the good word about what Kingstonist has to offer.  Without you, this site would have never made it this far, nor would we be considering what the next year has in store for us.

In celebration of Kingstonist’s 2nd Birthday, I am happy to announce that we’re finally able to provide proper biographical information on all of our current contributors.  You can find links to everyone’s respective bios, as well as a complete list of our past contributors on our developing masthead.  Last but not least, I should also point out that there only a few hours left to enter in our biggest, most challenging contest to date.

In closing, from all of us to all of you, I offer my sincere thanks for your continued support.  Here’s to another great year for Kingstonist!  Props to bluenettle for today’s photo.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

Harvey Kirkpatrick is Kingstonist's Co-Founder. His features curiously explore urban planning, what if scenarios, the local food scene and notable Kingstonians. Loves playing tourist and listening to rap music. Learn more about Harvey...

7 thoughts on “Kingstonist Turns Two!

  • Thanks for all your efforts, Harvey! I only discovered this blog a short time ago, but I do enjoy reading it, and making the occasional comment. There are not a lot of forums for residents to discuss the issues (good and bad) of this city…

    I have lived here off and on since 1991, and confess to having a bit of a "love-hate" relationship with Kingston. But overall, the positives outweigh the negatives :)

    • Thanks Dave. Don't be afraid to delve into the good, bad and ugly when commenting. It's always great to take the conversation in new directions. Otherwise, I'm glad you found us, and would truly appreciate it if you would mention the site to others.

  • Harvey, thanks for the invite. I thoroughly enjoyed the beer or two and good conversation last night. My only regret was that like Cinderella, my pumpkin hour arrived too soon. I do hope there were a few more folks able to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

    Kingstonist is a valuable resource, it fills a need and hopefully will continue to grow.

    cheers, junior

    • Don't worry about leaving before the witching hour. It was great to meet you and some of the others last night. Embarrassingly long overdue! We'll have to do it again before too long.

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