Kingstonist Turns Four!

Kingstonist's 4th Birthday
Happy Birthday to us! Today is Kingstonist’s 4th Birthday and, as I’m sure you all know, we’ve been celebrating all week long with a fun contest featuring various questions about our great, little town. Thanks so much to everyone who has participated, it’s been really fun, not only coming up with the questions, but also seeing you all take the time to answer them and play along.

It’s crazy to think back to four years ago when Harvey said to me one day, “I think we should find a project we can do together…let’s make a website about Kingston.” I always knew he was a go-getter but I had no idea just how successful this idea would be. So much has changed in our lives since then – we got married and bought a house for starters, but the way the site has also grown over the years is really exciting to see.

This year alone we added a few new things to make the site better. Our new calendar, although still somewhat in progress, has made a huge impact on our capacity for letting you know what’s going on. The ability for you, our readers, to submit your own events has helped make our job easier, and has encouraged even more of you to tell us what’s happening. Keep ’em coming!

Our relationships with other members of the community have flourished this year. We’ve begun selling advertising space as well as making mutually beneficial exchanges with all kinds of wonderful groups such as The Grand Theatre/Kingston Cultural Services, The Kingston Arts Council, CFRC, Ironclad Graphics, The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, Queen’s University, Homegrown Live Music Festival, Raise The Roof Women’s Music Festival, KCFF, ReelOut, The Kingston Derby Girls, The Kingston Symphony and Camp Outlook. We look forward to honing more relationships and working with even more members of the community in the future.

The addition of Queen’s Archives to our list of contributors has added a whole new level of interest to the site by giving us a peek into Kingston’s past. We’re honoured to have them on board and to showcase the great photos they’ve shared thus far – looking forward to more! Most recently, we’ve begun live Tweeting and reporting on City Council meetings, thanks to Tommy Vallier, which will help us all gain more insight into the inner workings of City Hall and the decisions that affect us all. This year also marks the introduction of the YGK Challenge, which has been a lot of fun to work on. Spending time each week thinking about how we can all be better friends, neighbours and people in general has been eye opening and it’s wonderful to see how many of you are willing to take part.

Most importantly, we could never do what we do without you, our readers, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming back each day and for participating in the conversation. Here’s to another great year!

Thanks to swgn for today’s photo.

Danielle Lennon

Danielle Lennon is Kingstonist's Co-Founder. She was the Editor, Community Event Coordinator and Contributor at-large (2008-2018). She is otherwise employed as a section violinist with the Kingston Symphony, violin teacher, studio musician and cat lover. Learn more about Danielle...

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