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Kingstonist's Facebook pageWith Kingstonist’s third birthday just over three months away, the team has been discussing the future direction of the site. I’m going to withhold the exciting details for the time being, partly because we want to have something to surprise you with on the big day, but moreso because we’re not quite ready for show and tell. One of the questions that was posed during a recent brainstorming session asked why Kingstonist is not better represented on Facebook? While a portion of our traffic comes in via the social network, and we’ve integrated features that easily allow our readers to add our content to their respective walls, we haven’t established ourselves on Facebook.

Now, before I ask you to do us the honour of liking/joining our Facebook page, I’m going to explain why we need you to do so.  Kingstonist’s contributors publish content at least four times per week on our website, while our authors are continuously engaging and responding to readers via comments.  We’d like to publish more often and in turn get more readers to comment, but both require more eyes on the site. If you take a look at Kingstonist on Twitter, you’ll notice that we share links to our daily posts, as well as additional commentary regarding life in Kingston.  Similarly, while our Facebook page will include links to our regular programming, it will also be a source for exclusive updates to help keep you better informed about everything and anything in the Limestone City.  Ultimately the single act of liking our fan page, or commenting on something we’ve posted helps us connect with new readers, who we hope will get involved by writing fantastic comments, and even contribute to the site.

So please, do us a solid and like Kingstonist. Join our fan page today!

Thanks to Luc Legay for allowing us to remix his photo.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

Harvey Kirkpatrick is Kingstonist's Co-Founder. His features curiously explore urban planning, what if scenarios, the local food scene and notable Kingstonians. Loves playing tourist and listening to rap music. Learn more about Harvey...

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