Kingstonians stranded in Italy after hotel room ransacked

A family from Kingston say they are stranded in Italy after their hotel room was ransacked and all of their valuables, including passports, were stolen.

The Cahills, before their hotel room was ransacked and they were left stranded in Italy without their passports. Submitted.

“Last night (Friday, August 23) my family and I arrived back to our hotel room in Rome only to find our safe with all of our passports, money, and other valuables missing,” says Cassandra Cahill, who along with her parents, Shawn and Cathy, and three other family members, had been staying at Hotel Genova in Rome.

The Cahills say the thieves took over 1500 Euros in cash, credit cards, bank cards, luggage containing clothing, a cell phone, a purse and various pieces of ID.

Most distressing for the family, the thieves left them without passports, keeping them from being able to continue their vacation, return home, or even book an alternate hotel despite now feeling unsafe at their current accommodations.

The family has reached out to government officials, with no success, they say.

“(We) went for help at the Canadian Embassy today. He answered us through his intercom and said he was very sorry, but we would have to wait until Monday at 9 a.m. He was not interested in hearing about our situation and refused to offer any emergency help,” said Shawn Cahill in a social media post pleading for help.

The Cahills have little hope of catching the thieves or getting their items back. “The police said that the thieves will probably just toss (the ID) away,” said Cathy Cahill, and according to Cassandra, because the hotel’s security cameras are “out of service” for the week, there is little chance of identifying the culprits.

“We went to the police who proceeded to point a firearm at one of us and were absolutely no help,” says Cassandra.

“They told us that the Canadian embassy would be closed until Monday and that there is nothing that they can do. We also called the Canadian embassy and no answer, when they did they kept disconnecting us. We filed a police report and they may or may not launch an investigation. We are currently stuck in Italy until further notice.”

The Cahills say they have also been trying to reach out to their Member Of Parliament, Mark Gerretsen, who they hope will be able to expedite the replacement of their passports.

On Sunday morning, Gerretsen confirmed that he was aware of the Cahills’ predicament and his office was working to assist them.

4 thoughts on “Kingstonians stranded in Italy after hotel room ransacked

  • “We went to the police who proceeded to point a firearm at one of us and were absolutely no help,”

    Sure. It’s what police does in Italy. Americans…

  • Terrible situation. A couple of thoughts.
    1. Travel insurance – would have mitigated a lot of the financial loss on the cruise.
    2. A room in Rome that fits 6 adults? Around Termini Station. You had to expect some sketchiness there. Research properties better next time and don’t put all your eggs in one basket (or safe in this case)
    3. You could have gotten emergency passports on Monday and caught up to the cruise on the next port of call either Tuesday or Wed.

  • We were mugged in Rome by 4 guy’s who stole my friends gold chain and near chocked me to death trying to get mine. Went to the police, reported it straight away, the next day went back and spoke with them and took them around the corner from there police station and showed them where it all happened and they got the camera footage. Within 24hrs from that they Police had them all in custody as we picked them from the camera footage. The Police were very helpful and did an Outstanding Job in catching them. Unfortunately my friend never got his chain back, but 4 muggers were going to spend some time behind bars. I can not thank these Policemen enough for there efforts.

  • I got the same experience as the Cahills family, I doubt it was initiated by the hotel’s employees, when I arrived the hotel on 19-Oct-2019, the reception ask my husband and me to show our passports and she copied them, she only gave us a key card,we lodged there 2 nights, but I found my green purse which was put in my loin circle bag was stolen in the checking out morning, I always girded the bag around my loin except the check out morning I put it in safe box when I took my breakfast, I doubt they creat 2 key cards, and left one for themselves, Is it possible to ask the police or 3rd party to investigate the records of entering my room?

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