Kingston woman sends climate change book to MPs for Earth Day

Mary Jane Philp holds a photo of the book ‘A Good War.’ Submitted photo.

Just in time for Earth Day, a Kingston resident has taken it upon herself to send an appropriately themed gift to each member of Parliament in Ottawa.

Mary Jane Philp says she wanted to ensure every MP in the country had a copy of the book ‘A Good War’ by Seth Klein in their hands. She also sent them each a personal letter urging them to read the book.

“We need brave and visionary leadership like our lives depend on it—because they do,” her letter read.

Philp says she was inspired by teen climate activist Isadora Ferguson, who ended her compelling Fridays for Future Kingston presentation with the question: “To what length would you go in order to protect your future?”

Philp realized that she is willing to go quite far, indeed, and asks our MPs to please take action.

“I read A Good War and decided our legislators needed to as well,” Philp said. “Now they have been delivered, along with a letter from me telling them why I think it is important for them to read it and act.”

Seth Klein’s book shows the problems we face in this climate emergency are monumental but not insurmountable if we take the right approach. For more information on ‘A Good War, click here.

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