Kingston woman run over by car following private sale gone wrong

Kingston Police Headquarters. Photo by Michelle Dorey Forestell.

A woman suffered no serious injuries despite being run over by a car following a private sale gone wrong in the parking lot of the Frontenac Mall on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024, according to police.

According to a witness who had been a few metres from the incident in front of the BGC South East, a man and woman had been meeting in the afternoon, shortly before 3:15 p.m., to complete the purchase of a gaming console, when the male allegedly grabbed the console from the woman selling it and attempted to leave the scene in his car without paying.

Kingston Police confirmed the incident, saying that two individuals met in the area of the Frontenac Mall to complete a marketplace transaction.

“The intended buyer was in a vehicle which the seller approached on foot. The buyer intended to purchase two items from the seller for an agreed upon price,” Cst. Anthony Colangeli, Media Relations Officer for Kingston Police told Kingstonist in an email.

“The seller provided the buyer with the items to inspect at which point the buyer placed the items in the backseat of their vehicle and suddenly proceeded to drive forward attempting to exit the parking lot.”

According to police, the seller “frantically” attempted to grab back the items realizing that the buyer had no intention to pay for the items. This was corroborated by the witness at the scene, who stated the woman attempted to stop the male by jumping on the back of the car.

“The buyer continued to drive forward, dragging the seller for approximately 30 feet. The seller then fell to the pavement at which point the rear tires of the vehicle drove over their legs,” Colangeli added.

The witness shared that the victim was immediately aided by several off-duty health care professionals who had been nearby, as well as lifeguards from BGC South East. Frontenac Paramedics, Kingston Fire & Rescue, and Kingston Police arrived shortly thereafter.

Police noted that the buyer was last seen driving away from the area of the Frontenac Mall. The seller was taken to hospital for assessment where they were later released without serious injury, Colangeli relayed.

The male suspect appeared to be in his 20s, and the female victim in her 40s, according to the witness.

Kingston Police reported that, on Monday, Jan. 22, 2024, the buyer was located, arrested, and charged with :

  • Theft under $5,000
  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Failure to comply with a release order

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Editor’s note: In the past, Kingstonist has inquired with Kingston Police about regarding “Safe Trade Zones,” a term used by multiple law enforcement agencies (including Ottawa Police) which refers to an area where private citizens are encouraged to carry out trades or sales, allowing both parties the do so in a safe environment where police are on hand if needed. While Kingston Police have not created an advertised “Safe Trade Zone,” police did say that members of the public are welcome to use the public parking lot at Kingston Police Headquarters to carry out trades and/or sales. That parking lot is located on the north side of the local police headquarters at 705 Division Street.

4 thoughts on “Kingston woman run over by car following private sale gone wrong

  • Ottawa Police now have parking spaces that are publicly accessible for safe trade, exactly for these reasons.

    • Mr. Ritchie ~I didn’t know that about Ottawa, thank you. Kingston DEFINITELY needs this! With people desperate because they are homeless, addicted to drugs/alcohol or just because they want something for free instead of doing the right thing, like paying for an item, it’s essential to have a safe exchange space. You simply can’t trust people, sad to say, when making private sales. Most who are of the latter persuasion, would very likely refuse to meet at a police station if their intentions are theft, so there’s already a layer of protection in just the suggestion.
      I am so sorry for the woman who was traumatized by those two people.

      • Hey Jennifer and Phil,

        Kingstonist has spoken with Kingston Police in the past about this. Members of the public who are selling items privately (online or otherwise) are welcome to use the public parking lot at Kingston Police Headquarters, located at 705 Division Street, to carry out the sale/exchange.
        While there isn’t currently any signage or specific spot dedicated to private sales, police have indicated that parking lot is open for use for this purpose, and that they think it’s a good idea to use the parking lot for such. :)

        We will update the article to indicate this, as it is great information for members of the public to know!


        Tori Stafford

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