Kingston woman criminally charged following road rage incident

Kingston Police say a 27-year-old Kingston female is facing a criminal charge of Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle following an apparent instance of road rage.

The incident, which took place on Yonge Street in Kingston at around 1:40 p.m. on Sunday, Mar. 20, 2022, began in the parking lot of an apartment building, with two females, who Kingston Police say are known to each other, arguing over a parking disagreement.

According to Kingston Police, as they continued to argue, one female called for a friend to come over. Kingston Police say the friend arrived shortly thereafter and, failing to place her vehicle, a red SUV, in park, accidentally struck the victim’s vehicle, a mini-van. As she exited her vehicle she then also engaged in the argument, at which point Kingston Police say the confrontation turned physical.

The accused then re-entered her vehicle and, having accidentally struck the victim’s vehicle once previously as she was arriving, then proceeded to intentionally strike the victim’s vehicle, which had several children inside of it, several times.

According to witnesses, the accused struck the victim’s vehicle about four or five times and so strongly that it caused the van to strike a third vehicle, leaving it with minor damage to the front driver’s side.

The accused allegedly fled the scene of the collision, but Kingston Police say they intercepted her shortly thereafter, still inside her damaged vehicle and talking on her cellphone, only about 100 meters from the incident scene.

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  • I’m beyond words to express here. Cris, thank you for reporting what has happened here.

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