Kingston Warming Centre closes abruptly

The Kingston Warming and Counselling Centre on Wellington St has abruptly closed without warning, confirm City officials following inquiries from Kingstonist. At this time, the City has not provided any reasoning for the closure.

The sudden closure comes after a source with inside knowledge of its current operations brought several concerns forward last week, including lack of space in the current facilities and the inability to maintain social distancing within them amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

City officials say that an alternative is being worked out, but have not provided information on what that alternative is.

“The Warming Centre, which is not a shelter, closed about one week earlier than its planned closure. Individuals experiencing homelessness can utilize shelter services. The City is also working with partners on opening another facility that will provide for self-isolation within the next few days,” says Robert Hosier, Communications Officer with the City of Kingston.

Bhavana Varma, President and CEO of the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington United Way, says that there is a lot of work being done in the background to finalize a suitable alternative. “The City and a number of community organizations have been working hard on a location, and we’re close to finalizing it this week. Details will be finalized shortly,” says Varma.

More to come.

2 thoughts on “Kingston Warming Centre closes abruptly

  • Its go to show what the government really thinks about the homeless. The lies are sicking. My daughter sarah is homeless. She is 17 she was raped at 13 in kingston the man was given 10 years. Since that time she made a downword spiral and now suffers addiction to meth and major mental health issues. The shelters are not excepting new people! Do to this I brought her home where she can be safe from this virus only to be beaten by her and have to have police intervention to remove her only for them to put her back on the streets. So I’m truly losing faith in our city.

  • sorry to hear of your sad story but it’s not the city’s fault your daughter has an addiction problem and trauma from rape. Very sad you tried to help and keep her safe from Covid-19. That’s her addiction and flight or fight response kicking in. No one will ever get better unless they are ready to help themselves first. Hope for your both things get better.

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