Kingston Volkswagen technicians rescue rabbit from Golf

Kingston Volkswagen technicians coax a hesitant rabbit from the vehicle

While Kingston Volkswagen technicians are well-trained in working with Rabbits, they were taken somewhat off-guard when they had to deal with one of the four-legged, furry variety this past week.

A customer dropped off his Volkswagen Golf on Friday, stating that the vehicle was experiencing electrical issues. When the technician opened the hood to inspect the engine compartment, a rabbit peeked out from its hiding place.

Technicians tried to grab the floppy-eared hitchhiker but it kept moving behind the front bumper, so they lifted the car into the air and removed the under panels. With a little encouragement, the bunny was eventually safely removed from the vehicle and into a container.

The Volkswagen rabbit after it was rescued by technicians

After feeding it some veggies, employees returned the rabbit to a nearby field near their Audi dealership. They then repaired the rabbit’s handiwork, some chewed wiring under the hood, and returned the vehicle to its surprised and bemused owner.
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