Kingston Transit reduces daily service, adds hospital shuttle

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Kingston Transit, who previously reduced service hours to Saturday schedules, is reducing service further and will be operating all of its daily routes on a modified Sunday schedule. This change will see the majority of the service operate between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. The changes go into effect on Thursday, Mar. 26, 2020.

While most routes will move to their Sunday timetables, a few routes are seeing further changes:

All Kingston Express routes will be reduced to 60-minute frequency.

Route 7 will be reduced to 60-minute frequency.

Routes 1 and 15 will run only from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

Routes 17, 18 and 18Q are being suspended.

In addition to the reduction of service, Kingston Transit is responding to the needs of front line health workers by adding a dedicated shuttle bus from the Kingston General Hospital to the Centre 70 Park & Ride lot.

These changes, Kingston Transit says, “are being made due to the decline in ridership, with some routes down as much as 80 per cent.”

Kingston Transit riders are also being encouraged to only use Transit for essential trips. Boarding the bus from the rear door is still in effect.

“We continue to look at different ways to provide reliable, sustained service for those passengers who need it most,” noted Kingston Transit in a statement, adding that additional service changes remain possible.

13 thoughts on “Kingston Transit reduces daily service, adds hospital shuttle

  • I’m just wondering how this helps health care professionals at the hospitals still needing to get to work? Shifts start at 7am are we to get there on time if the first bus doesn’t leave until 8am? Or get home after a night shift ? We are still having to pay for bus passes and now unable to even get to work with them .

    • This is ridiculous. The service goes down, so now those of us who need to go to work are screwed? How about those of us that work before 9am… or leave work after 9pm. This is completely unreal, and just goes to show it’s all about the money

      • You didn’t know that public funded transit was for profit? Me either. Apparently its the new norm… and I used to drive there in the 90’s when it was never profitable… it was public service and no profit expected.

        • Why is it that busses can run but schools can’t teach?

          • Some people can’t afford a car and rely on transit

      • It makes no sense at all. Walking/biking could be fine in good weather – but it’s spring in Ontario. Taking a taxi from the north end to the west end costs about $30, that’s almost a 1/3 of day’s work in most of the industries that are deemed “essential”. Funny how most of them are low paying jobs isn’t it? It’s bad enough that we have to work through this crap and now deal with this? Personally I’m looking at an hour and half each way walking. Fun stuff!

        Buses are an essential service if anything is. Why don’t they have to work reasonable hours to run said essential service?

  • This is ridiculous, many healthcare workers take these buses and now I have no way to get to or from work. Majority of healthcare shifts at 7am-3pm, 7am-7pm 3pm-11pm.
    So essentially now im paying for a buspass to get to the hospital, and im now not able to get to or from any of my shifts with the route 1 going on an 8-8 schedule…

    • What about people who still have to work and start before 8? What are they supposed to get to work? People take the bus because cabs can be expensive.

    • 8 am is crazy especially for those who work in health care or retail and need to be at work for 7 730. I get that ridership is down. But people in these fields still need to get to work and back. The essential service in Kingston.

  • I think before people complain, we need to remember that bus drivers have families as well, who they would like to keep safe and not be exposed. This has nothing to do with money , it’s all about safety. I would expect Anyone working in essential services, who keep encouraging people to stay home, would know to realize this. It’s about time transit tightened up their runs. Stay safe drivers!!

  • You didn’t think about any one else who work I work midnight’s and get off at 6am .I have a bad heart I guess not going to will kill walking up a big hill will have to which will do I d really care I just hope its fast

  • Really? This isn’t helping anyone. I start work at 7:30 am and even now when I finish work have to wait 30 min to catch the 602 after my shift since I can’t finish at 3:30 and catch the 3:31 pm bus. How are you helping the essential workers? Could you look at prime times? Early morning and mid afternoon?

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