Another Questionable Bus Ad

Kingston Transit bus ad

In the past, I’ve written about advertising on board Kingston Transit’s fleet that did not promote the use of public transportation, as well as the prospect of a controversial atheist campaign.  Both posts sparked mild debate over the rules and regulations, which govern advertising on board city buses.  On one hand, advertising on mass transit is a means for the city to generate revenue.  That said, opponents argue that wrapping our vehicles in advertising compromises rider safety, and otherwise clutters public space with an abundance of visual pollution.

Last weekend, I noticed a giant bus advertisement that was geared towards attracting nurses to work in Ottawa hospitals.  The displayed text reads:  “The best place to be a nurse” and “I want to learn from the best”, while both statements are referring to Ottawa’s hospitals and health care practitioners.  In light of the deficits and budget cuts plaguing Kingston’s hospitals, are these messages in poor taste?  Although I would prefer to see us retain as many health care providers as possible, the harsh reality is that some are finding themselves with reduced hours, while others have lost their jobs entirely.  So in that respect, should we applaud Kingston Transit for cashing in on Ottawa’s call for more nurses, or curse them for this flagrant faux pas?

Check out another photo of the ad on our Flickr, and be sure to share your view on this issue with a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Another Questionable Bus Ad

  • How do these ads compromise rider safety? I don’t see it.

    But besides that… I dunno, all advertising is pretty distasteful in my books. But if Ottawa hospitals want to hire out ads on Kingston buses, it’s fine with me. Doesn’t seem like a big deal.

  • Seems like poor taste to me. It’s not just a means for recruitment, it’s suggestive that the location where the ad is being run is subpar.

    What’s next, the Ottawa Senators take out a campaign on Toronto buses?

  • So Kingston health-care pros don’t have enough work, and Ottawa hospitals want to hire them? Where’s the poor taste? Showing people a way to get work in their field is a faux pas? I think it would be seen as an opportunity for employment.

    Get used to job mobility, no one is exempt.

    And yes, the ad does look like shite.

  • It has been suggested by “experts” that these huge murals make it harder to get out of the buses by breaking windows etc.. in emergency situations.

    Advertising for open positions in Ottawa is one thing, but insinuating that Kingston’s health care workers are not “the best”, rather the best are in “the ‘twa” could be viewed as insulting, and ultimately insensitive to Kingstonians who lost their jobs.

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