Kingston students send hundreds of letters to local health-care workers

This week, staff from Kingston Health Sciences Center (KHSC) have delivered over 200 letters to health-care workers in the Kingston area. Students between grades three to six from several schools within the Limestone District School Board (LDSB) created colourful and caring cards from the heart to give to local health-care workers. The cards from Winston Churchill Public School, Centennial Public School, Cataraqui Woods Elementary School, and Fairfield Elementary School have stirred up smiles at more than 60 units/departments at both the Kingston General Hospital (KGH) and Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) sites.

A health-care worker is pictured reading one of the many cards written by elementary school students, many of which are scattered across her desk. Submitted photo.

‘Heartfelt, beautiful support and words of love’

“It’s been a really nice week for health-care workers at Kingston Health Sciences Center to receive these very kind words of support for our frontline workers,” said KHSC COVID-19 Incident Commander Theresa MacBeth in a phone interview on Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022. “Every corner of the hospital, every unit, and every health care-worker has been on the frontlines of supporting our response to the pandemic. So, this was a very nice morale boost for people to receive such beautiful cards and letters with such kind words of support from kids across Kingston.”

“It’s been a difficult two years for our health-care teams who have been working so hard to care for the community through this pandemic,” said MacBeth. “Healthcare workers are such mission-driven individuals. They really dedicate their whole professional lives to caring for the community. So, to have that community share such heartfelt, beautiful support and words of love means more than any form of recognition that I can think of for our health-care workers.”

Writing and giving out cards to health-care workers was the idea of the students, explained MacBeth, “it was such an incredibly, genuinely kind gesture from from kids.”

A letter by an LDSB elementary school student to health-care workers. Submitted photo.

Students reflect on the importance of health-care workers

Students from each of the contributing schools took a moment to reflect on the importance of health care workers with their teachers and classmates on Wednesday and here’s what they had to say (names are not listed to protect the privacy of the students):

How do you hope a health-care worker felt after reading your card?

 “I hope they feel encouraged to not give up, because we still need them.” — Grade 6 student, Centennial P.S.

“I hope they felt like they mean something and that their doing what their purpose is.” — Student in Ms. Norman’s Grade 5/6. class, Fairfield Elementary

“I hope they felt loved and powerful after they read it, because not only was I aiming for that, but also because I know that they deserve to feel that way.”

– Winston Churchill P.S. student

“I hope that healthcare workers had a smile on their faces. [They] realy need a reminder for how awesome they are because [their job] is not easy.” — Winston Churchill P.S. student

“I want them to feel llike how we felt after we helped them. It’s an amazing feeling. They are all heros.” — Winston Churchill P.S. student

What do you think a health-care worker does in a day?

“I know there’s different types of health care workers, but they all help the community.” — Grade 6 student, Centennial P.S.

“I think they love and save people. I think their job has gotten harder, but our cards helped them.” — Student in Ms. Pinell’s Grade 1/2 Class, Fairfield Elementary

“I know that there are many different jobs in the hospitals. Everyone has an important job. I imagine days at work would be hard somedays because people would be nervous and scared going into the hospital.” — Winston Churchill P.S. student

Letter of thanks to Kingston health-care workers from an LDSB elementary student. Submitted photo.

Do you know a health care worker? What makes them special to you?

“My Mom is a health care worker. She helps people and sets up appointments. She is special because she loves me and helps people.” — Student in Ms. Pinell’s Grade 1/2 class, Fairfield Elementary

“My doctor is a healthcare worker. She helps me when I am not well. That’s a pretty special thing.”

– Student in Ms. Norman’s Grade 5/6. class, Fairfield Elementary

“My mom is a health care worker at KGH. She is so special to me because she works super hard at work to help patients and she works hard at home to help our family. My mom does all she can to make sure she can be healthy at work. Sometime she stays late just to make sure everyone is doing well. I really appreciate everything my mom does.” — Winston Churchill P.S. student

What has changed over the past few years? 

“They usually help with people in bathrooms, showers, help people get dressed. They are working lots of extra shifts and working really hard. What’s changed is that there are less and less health care workers now.” — Student in Mrs. Norman’s Grade 5/6 class, Fairfield Elementary

“They have to work extra shifts. Some are getting fired if they don’t have their vaccine.” — Student in Ms. Norman’s Grade 5/6 class, Fairfield Elementary

“I think over the past year it has become a lot more busy and there must be a lot of uncertainty.” — Winston Churchill P.S. student

How can we help health care workers every day?

“By saying, you’re the best!!” — Student in Ms. Pinell’s Grade 1/2 class, Fairfield Elementary

“Make signs for yards and windows thanking them.” — Student in Ms. Norman’s Grade 5/6. class, Fairfield Elementary

“We are a community. We are all there for each other, so we need to do little kind acts to help the healthcare workers who are looking after us.”

– Winston Churchill P.S. student

“Can be a little thing or a big thing. Even just thinking of them or letting them know that you’re there for them can be really impactful on their lives and you might not even realize it.” — Winston Churchill P.S. student

All students quotes have been transcribed verbatim from handwritten notes. Therefore, students’ original spelling has been maintained.

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  • That is the most beautiful and thoughtful gesture I have seen so far. All the students that participated should get a hug and pat on the back. Well done everyone!

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