Kingston residents may receive phone calls from Statistics Canada

The City of Kingston wants to make residents aware that they may receive a phone call from Statistics Canada from now until Friday, Sept. 21, 2018.

Statistics Canada is conducting a survey to “measure the effectiveness of anti-discrimination programs aimed at making Kingston more inclusive and welcoming,” according to a press release from the City of Kingston. Statistics Canada began the survey on Monday, Sept. 17, and will be calling 2,000 randomly selected Kingston households through the week.

The survey is being done to collect information from Kingstonians about discrimination, and will also gage public awareness of the recent community programs like the SayHello Campaign, which was launched on Thursday, May 31 by the City of Kingston and Kingston Immigration Partnership. The goal of the SayHello campaign is to reduce discrimination, exclusion, and racism in the community by having residents share their stories of times they’ve personally experienced prejudice.

“Our goal is to create a more inclusive and diverse community,” said Cheryl Hitchen, social policy and strategic community development manager for the City of Kingston.

The survey is being conducted under the authority of Statistics Canada, ensuring the confidentiality of all information collected. No individual responses or identifiable information will be shared with the City of Kingston. Interviewers will identify themselves as employees of Statistics Canada. Until Friday, Sept. 21, residents who are contacted may call Michel-Eric Velleman at 1-855-643-2360 to verify that Statistics Canada is conducting this survey, according to the City.

Although participation in the survey is voluntary, the City expressed that it is important for all selected participants to take part in order to ensure the information accurately reflects the views of residents throughout the community.

“The result of this survey will help make the City and our partners develop and promote programs that will make Kingston a more welcoming place for everyone,” Hitchen said.

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