4 thoughts on “Kingston Police warn of recent phishing attacks

  • I am getting ones from a 613 192 3458 number that says my social insurance number has been red flagged and its an important matter with the Department of Justice

  • This generation is mixed up, trades hurting for apprentices in every feild. kids aren’t even taught to cursive write let alone be able to read it. Generation of lazy bedroom dewelling socialably retarded drones figuring they are owed something. :/

  • Tried to get back my Facebook accounts because can’t get any of my passwords to work. Last time for ID I gave my Walmart account with address and name along with just my address and name part on my checks…with bank I deal with in corner below that.
    Anyway for voting I had to give my Ontario driver licence number to register to vote. Still no voting card in mail…lived here in same place since 2012.

    • I had the same thing happen to me in regards to the voting card, what I found happened was I was using a derivative of my name meaning a shorter version of my name and the people at the elections Canada we’re looking for the long version of my name, so to save any confusion I made sure the server was changed to reflect the long version of my name only in regards to Facebook, it is a good idea and a good practice to change your passwords every couple of months or so, depending on how much you use your account

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