Kingston Police Services Board over budget in 2023

Chief of Police Scott Fraser makes a presentation to the Kingston Police Services Board as Board Chair Jarrod Stearns looks on during a January 2024 meeting. Photo by Michelle Dorey Forestell/Kingstonist.

A report published in advance of the March meeting of the Kingston Police Services Board (KPSB) reveals that the Board had an overall net operating position of 104.84 per cent of the total budget in 2023. 

Kingston Police Services Board Secretary Lorie Sargeant and Kingston Police Director of Finance Scarlet Eyles published their report on the ‘general operating budget for the KPSB as of December 31, 2023’ on Thursday, Mar. 14, 2024, to provide information on the Board’s operating expenditure results. Not to be confused with the operating budget for the Kingston Police Force — which also showed a deficit in 2023 — the KPSB operating budget pertains solely to expenses of the Board and Chief of Police.

The total net cost for the twelve months of 2023 was $524,000 compared to a budget of $500,000, resulting in a year-to-date deficit of $24,000 or 4.84 per cent.

This table reflects the net operating information from the report on the general operating budget for KPSB as of December 31, 2023. Table via report ‘general operating budget for the KPSB as of December 31, 2023.’

Salaries and wages accounted for part of the unfavourable variance. These include the full-time salary for the police chief and the part-time salary for the board secretary. Also included are honorariums paid to the board chair, provincial appointees, and the community board member. The total was  $417,000, or 112.61 per cent of the annual budget, resulting in a year-to-date unfavourable variance of approximately $47,000.

The report notes, “Full-time wages and payroll benefits are over budget due to the retirement obligations to the former Chief [of Police],” while part-time wages are unfavourable due to “additional workload requirements.” The report also notes that payroll allowances reflect the annual clothing allowance provided to the Chief of Police.

A favourable variance of $23,000 was found in “supplies and services,” including contracted and professional services such as legal consulting to support the board. These totalled $107,000, or 82.59 per cent of the annual budget. The report states that KPSB manages collective bargaining, and the board utilizes consultants for provincial legislation matters and other advisory services. Membership fees, travel, education and training, meeting expenses, and recruitment costs are also included. 

The report explains that contracted services were $57,000, primarily reflecting payments for advisory services related to the strategic plan and recruitment efforts the board managed regarding the police chief search and hire process. Professional services were $24,000 for legal advice and advisory services for labour issues and collective bargaining.

Membership fees, certifications, and licences include membership renewals paid to the Canadian Association of Police Governance (CAPG), Ontario Association of Police Services Boards (OAPSB), and OAPSB Zone 2. The report explains that education, training, and travel are over budget, reflecting the return to in-person training after the COVID-19 pandemic and the representation of board members and the secretary at three conferences hosted by the CAPG and OAPSB and at the OAPSB Zone 2 meetings. 

A few other notable variances include $600 for tools and equipment, which reflects the purchase of a new scanner, according to the report. Advertising and marketing includes a contribution to the Kingston Police Association for its 2023 golf tournament.

The Police Services Board holds its next meeting on Thursday, Mar. 21, 2024; the agenda for that meeting and the reports within it are available here. The board meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 12 noon in the William Hackett Boardroom at Kingston Police Headquarters, 705 Division Street.

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