Kingston Police seeking bus vandals

Vandals defaced a Kingston Transit bus on Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021, n the area of Johnson St. and University Ave. Image via Kingston Police.
Image via Kingston Police.
Image via Kingston Police.

Kingston Police have released the above images and are asking for the assistance of the Queen’s University community and the public at large, in identifying two male suspects who defaced a Kingston Transit bus in the area of Johnson St. and University Ave on the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021.

According to a release from Kingston Police, the suspects vandalized the side of the bus during the height of the public disorder in the University District this past Saturday, scrawling profanity on the side of the bus.

Anyone with information on the identity of the two suspects is asked to contact Cst. Gobeil at cgobeil@kingstonpolice or 613-549-4660 ext 6190

3 thoughts on “Kingston Police seeking bus vandals

  • shouldn’t be too difficult – real bright beans eh?

  • I’m surprised that with the mentality of the mayor, the armed riot police and the cops standing there with tear gas guns at the ready that they didn’t just blow these kids away.

  • I am astonished at the number of comments supporting these non sanctioned parties. The images of youth on roof tops at least three stories high, back additions without any protection if they slipped and fell to the ground. Injury…..death? Does landing in the hospital because they slipped on broken glass, crippled for life, or a funeral home make this attempt at a right of passage justified? Anyone with any sound moral conscience couldn’t justify this, in a pandemic. An uncontrolled environment that included disrupting the lives of people at all hours of the day and night, justifiable? And what about the landlords who have to repair, over and over and over again, the damage to the buildings that they own, at what is now an incredibly expensive process.

    Party on, but don’t forget the health care, police, fire and every other essential service provider who has to attend to these gatherings.

    Yes, I am venting. Because ultimately I have to write SOMETHING. As a woman, I don’t want any young woman in what can be the most formative time of their life, to ever have to see white sheets so derogatory and toxic in their message on buildings. Kingston is a vibrant, exciting, dynamic city, because it is a melting pot of so many genders, cultures, ages and races. It deserves so much more respect than what it has had to endure especially this fall.

    Lets all work together to celebrate how we moved beyond the early mistakes (to say the least) to celebrate sanctioned gatherings next spring. Please please please stop the unsanctioned street parties.

    Eugenie Graham

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