Kingston Police respond to widely circulated video of arrest

A screenshot of a video submitted to social media by user SeenInKingston.

Kingston Police have responded to a widely circulated video showing an arrest in the University District on the weekend.

The video, initially posted to social media by a resident using the account name SeenInKingston, shows the takedown and arrest of a male following a verbal altercation.

In the post, the anonymous poster asked “are the Kingston Police above the law?” and continued by describing what they believe occurred during the incident.

“This happened last night at around 10 pm in the university district,” said the original poster.

“A Kingston police car may have rolled a stop sign, an individual yelled at the car something along the lines of “You didn’t stop!” 2 or 3 times. The police car turned around to pull up beside the individual, and the individual said again that they did not stop, to the police. The police officers may have said something, opened the door and threw the individual up against the cruiser and onto the ground. This is when the video started, and the officer arrested the individual,” the poster alleged.

Kingston Police, however, have asserted that neither the video nor the poster’s statement give a full picture of the incident.

“Shortly before 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 25 the arresting officers, paired in a single cruiser for the University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) duty, were approaching the intersection at Earl St and Alfred St when they observed the accused, a 41-year-old local male, standing in the middle of the road yelling and shouting, while displaying his middle fingers at them,” Kingston Police said in a statement.

“Upon approaching the male he apparently had issues with a prior police cruiser who had come through the area. The male continued to yell and shout, directing profanities at these officers who had no interaction with him prior to this event,” police said.

“He had been drinking and an odour of alcohol was detected on his breath. He was advised of the complaint process and cautioned to return to the sidewalk which he refused to do. Officers noticed other pedestrians stopping and turning around to avoid the male due to his actions and behaviour,” police continued.

According to Kingston Police, officers attempted to defuse the situation by driving away after cautioning the male, but they observed him to continue his yelling and screaming in the middle of the road, not complying with their original instructions, and were concerned he would continue his disruptive behaviour.

“As a result the officers turned around and advised the male he was under arrest for causing a disturbance by yelling, shouting and swearing,” police said. “The male began to resist arrest and was grounded to gain control and apply handcuffs to restrain him.”

According to police, when a prisoner transport van attended the scene, the male caused damage to one of the doors, and was subsequently charged with a second offence of mischief.

Police say he was transported to the station and later released on an Undertaking with conditions that include not to consume alcohol while he’s before the courts.

“If a community member has an issue or complaint with Kingston Police they are requested to contact us at 613-549-4660 to speak to either the Watch Commander on duty, or the Professional Standards Office during regular business hours,” Kingston Police advise.

“Alternatively, they can also contact the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD). Becoming confrontational, abusive, obstructing traffic, and causing a disturbance is not a recommended course of action.”

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  • Social media at its worst. Thank you for the ‘whole story’ and thank you to the Kingston Police for your efforts to minimize the unruly nuisance residents.

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