Kingston Police respond to city councillor’s criticism

A screenshot of Councillor Peter Stroud’s public rebuke of Kingston Police’s manner of parking while on a duty call.

Kingston Police have responded to a City Councillor’s public criticism over the way one of their officers parked their cruiser on a city street, stating that the police officer was acting in their capacity as a police officer and was responding to a call for service in the vicinity.

Councillor Peter Stroud took to Twitter to rebuke the city’s police force for their alleged lack of respect for cyclists at around noon on Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019.

The Social YGK

“This on Princess St right now,” he posted shortly after he had taken a photo of the parked cruiser.

“Now (sic) wonder we always see vehicles parked in bike lanes in #ygk

@KingstonPolice clearly has no respect for them

We need to set a better example to ensure

#safety for our cyclists, some of whom are children,” he continued.

Kingston Police addressed the criticism by pointing out that the officer was carrying out their duties as a police officer at the time.

“The individual that was operating this cruiser was acting in their capacity as a police officer following up on a call in that immediate area,” said Kingston Police’s Media Relations Officer Const. Ashley Gutheinz.

“It is important for officers who are responding to or following up on calls to have their cruiser nearby for a variety of reasons, which could include officer safety concerns, requiring the rear seat cage for an arrested party, etc.,” he continued.

“Members of the Kingston Police strive to obey all laws and rules of the road when responding to calls for service as emergency personnel, however, there are exemptions for the purpose of safety and security for our community.”

Kingston Police did not release the exact nature of the duty call, citing a need for sensitivity and confidentiality for the citizen(s) involved.



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