Kingston Police officer nominated for 2020 Police Services Hero of the Year award

Kingston Police officer Fil Wisniak has been nominated for the Police Association Of Ontario’s 2020 Police Services Hero of the Year award for his actions during a fatal stabbing incident in downtown Kingston last year.

On September 12, 2019, a 22 year old male began stabbing pedestrians at a downtown Kingston intersection. The nomination states that Constable Fil Wisniak – a 10 year veteran of the Kingston Police – was on foot when the call came in. Wisniak, 2 blocks away from the incident at the time, sprinted to the call. Upon his arrival, one man had been fatally stabbed and another man was being attacked. “Constable Wisniak intervened without hesitation,” says the nomination, “the male was about to attack a woman who was attempting to provide aid to one of the victims.”

Wisniak can be seen on multiple passersby videos putting himself between the male and the woman, preventing him from stabbing her. Wisniak then attempts to contain the male at gunpoint and plead with him to drop the knife.

The male brandishing the knife charged at Constable Wisniak and he shoots the male once, making the attacker back away. The male then begins to stab himself repeatedly before being restrained. The male later succumbed to the self inflicted stab wounds.

“I had the privilege of supervising Fil for the past two years, and I feel that his quick response and actions on that day saved the life of one of the stabbing victims, the woman who was trying to help, and perhaps many more,” says the nominating officer.

“He demonstrated restraint, compassion and professionalism putting himself in harm’s way to protect others.”

Constable Wisniak joins another Kingston Police officer, Sergeant Melanie Jefferies, in being nominated for the honour.

The Police Services Hero of the Year Award winners will be announced at the Police Association of Ontario’s Annual General Meeting in May 2020.

14 thoughts on “Kingston Police officer nominated for 2020 Police Services Hero of the Year award

  • Congratulations on your nomination! I really proud of our Police Force not only from Kingston but the entire country.

  • Wow…..this is very impressive. Obviously the person with the knife was not in his right mind and had to be stopped immediately. I am so glad the officer survived since he did so much good for the people there. I am rooting for Fil…..bless your heart… did the right thing!!

  • So very proud of this officer. He performed his job without hesitation.

  • Congratulations . A great act of bravery . Nice to see we have good people doing good things In a terrible terrifying situation….

  • Thank you for the service you provide while putting your own life in harm’s way to protect us. You deserve this award. So proud of the KPF. Stay safe.

  • Congratulations, how wonderful for you and Kingston. Every officer is out there doing the best job they can do, laying their life on the line never knowing what could come next in their day. You are all brave and a huge credit to our city and our country. Bless You.

  • Wonderful to have this officer in Kingston…Thankyou

  • Congratulations to you and Thank you for going to work and doing what you do …well deserved

  • Congratulations Fil. From the whole Foster family…so proud of you for what you so?

  • Congratulations….well deserved. Thank you for keeping iur streets safe.

  • Things could have unfolded differently, with more lives lost , if Kingston Police Constable Fil Wisniak had not sprinted to this murder scene ! This officer is indeed a Hero who bravely assisted impulsively , without concern for his own safety. He stopped further carnage ! I admire this officer for his courage and dedication to duty.

  • As an employee @Kingston Running Room I have always been grateful for Fil’s assistance and support! We often work alone and he always made a point of going the extra distance to make things safe for us. He was our hero EVERY day!
    Jan Gilroy

  • I witnessed this man spring into action from my office window, he sprinted down the street towards this situation to deal with the situation in a very professional manner. The rest of the police that arrived also arrived promptly and without a doubt, many other lives were saved by this quick action. Through witnessing this entire scene unfold, my takeaway was that these officers deal with SO much, and I am SO grateful that they were there to stop this from becoming much worse and much more deadly than it was. I hope this officer realizes the impact he had that day. He never spoke to me, but by his actions, he stopped me from witnessing more than one murder that day and I can’t put into words how thankful I am – what I saw was hard enough to see and try to recover from, I can’t imagine it if would have been more. Amazing work.

  • Great work from another one of Kingston’s finest. Bravo!

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