Kingston Police Major Crimes Unit investigating apparent carjacking

Still from a video that circulated on social media of an apparent carjacking taking place on Princess Street at the Kingston Centre.

On the evening of Tuesday, Mar. 9, 2021, residents in Kingston in the area became concerned after a video of an apparent carjacking began circulating on social media.

The video, taken from a car behind the vehicle in question, shows a white Porsche stopped at the traffic lights at Princess Street and Mooallim Place, an entrance to the Kingston Centre. Two individuals approach the vehicle, and eventually pull the driver out of the driver’s seat. At this point, the passenger in the vehicle behind the Porsche exits the car, as does the passenger in the Porsche. Another vehicle, which appears to be a white Hyundai, seems to be blocking the Porsche from moving.

When one of the individuals that approached the Porsche gets into the driver’s seat, he takes off immediately, driving around the other vehicle and into the Kingston Centre.

A second incident

Still from a video by Sarah Young of the two vehicles seen in the video above driving erratically on Highway 401 as they enter Kingston.

The same evening, a video that appears to be from earlier in the day also began to circulate on social media. That video, taken on the eastbound lanes of Highway 401, shows the same two vehicles – both with Quebec license plates – driving in an erratic manner. The person taking the video, Sarah Young, said she and her boyfriend were headed towards Kingston on the highway when they approached the two vehicles, which were basically stopping traffic.

“At first we weren’t sure if they were driving together, because we weren’t sure if they knew each other,” Young said. “And then they started going after each other and making it really dangerous and unsafe.”

Young holds her camera as steady as she can as she tapes the two vehicles dodging one another, back and forth, across the two lanes, dangerously close to a large transport truck.

“My boyfriend was pretty angry,” Young said. “Me, I was terrified.”

According to Kingston Police, the two incidents are currently being investigated by their Major Crimes Unit and is in the preliminary stages of the investigation.

“The Major Crimes Unit is requesting assistance from the public and wish to speak with any witnesses or anyone who may have taken video of the incident in question pertaining to these two motor vehicles and the individuals involved,” said Const. Ash Gutheinz, Media Relations Officer for Kingston Police.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Alblas of the Major Crimes Unit at 613-549-4660 ext. 6267, or via email at [email protected].

Kingstonist will update this article as more information becomes available.

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