Kingston Police investigating shots fired on Fraser St

A Kingston Police officer uses a metal detector to search for evidence on the snow-covered ground.
Kingston Police Forensics on scene at 73 Fraser St
Kingston Police cruisers at Fraser St

Kingston Police are continuing to investigate what neighbourhood residents say was an early morning shootout at and near 73 Fraser St on Tuesday morning. Residents of the central Kingston neighbourhood were woken up just after 3 a.m. to multiple loud pops consistent with the sounds of firearms.

“(There were) six shots,” said one resident who wished to remain anonymous, “a single, followed by about two seconds clear….another single…a second or two later four more shots rapid fire, pop, pop, pop, pop.”

Fraser St was blocked by Kingston Police for several hours, with officers using what appeared to be a metal detector to find evidence in the area.

A resident described seeing the second floor windows of the mid-rise apartment building shot up.

The scene appeared to be clear of police for several hours but a forensics van returned some time later, continuing the investigation.

Kingston Police say that three suspects wearing ski masks demanded money from the occupants of an apartment in the building complex, and attempted to break into the unit. One of the suspects brandished a handgun and another was carrying a camouflaged shotgun, according to Kingston Police. Unsuccessful in breaking into the unit, the suspects fled the scene and fired several shots into the apartment windows, at least one of the rounds going through a child’s bedroom window, according to police. No one was injured in the incident. Kingston Police have released photos and further information regarding the incident, which can be seen here.

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