Kingston Police introduce Traffic Complaint Letter

Image provided by Kingston Police.

Kingston residents have a new way to report potential traffic violations to Kingston Police.

Traffic safety issues such as speeding, aggressive and distracted driving, running red lights, and other traffic violations remain one of the top concerns for Kingston residents, according to a release from Kingston Police, dated Monday, Jan. 18, 2021. Kingston Police is introducing the Traffic Complaint Letter to enhance the safety of local roadways and increase their response to community complaints regarding traffic violations.

The Traffic Complaint Letter is a formal warning process that begins with a member of the community reporting a traffic issue involving a specific vehicle or driver that does not involve immediate danger, according to the release. The Traffic Safety Unit Sergeant will review the complaint and, if appropriate, a letter will be mailed to the registered owner of the involved vehicle. Follow up contact by a Traffic Officer may occur, and charges may be laid if further traffic violations are reported.

To learn more about the Traffic Complaint Letter or how to make a traffic complaint, visit

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