Kingston Police Homecoming 2019 statistics

Kingston Police speaking with party-goers after dispersing most of the crowds on the streets of the University District during Queen’s Homecoming 2019.

Kingston Police have released a complete overview of the arrests and charges laid over Queen’s Homecoming Weekend 2019 on Friday, Oct. 11, Saturday, Oct. 14, 2019.

During this time, Kingston Police arrested a total of 22 people, issued 128 provincial charges, processed two criminal charges, and continue to investigate two other criminal offences — an incident where a Kingston Police officer was assaulted while trying to identify a male with open alcohol, and the destruction of a Red Bull van when revellers climbed and jumped on the unattended vehicle.

Kingston City Bylaw issued 21 summonses, which included 15 for hosting a nuisance party, and six for amplified sound at a prohibited time.

Below are those statistics, compared to those from previous years, as provided by Kingston Police.
*NOTE: The Nuisance Party Bylaw and the University District Safety Initiative began in 2018.

Provincial and bylaw

TOTAL CHARGES20316633085128
Liquor Licence Act18511830774115
Open alcohol141902585897
Underage drinking10131936
Public intoxication1815301312
Kegs seized517330
Bylaw (noise, parking, littering)1513999
Nuisance PartyN/AN/AN/A38
Block or Obstruct HighwayN/AN/AN/AN/A1
Highway Traffic Act341424
Public intoxication1815301316
Breach of peace11305


Cause disturbanceN/AN/AN/AN/A1
On-going criminal investigations N/A N/A N/A N/A2

2 thoughts on “Kingston Police Homecoming 2019 statistics

  • Thank You Officers *and EMTs, Securty, Firemen/women* Keep Safe..

  • Until the time Queensis held completely responsible for the costs & problems surrounding Homecoming which is their event, this uncontrollable idiocy will continue. While any charges are too high, KPD I’m sure I’d being very lenient in the charges laid in order to prevent absolute riots & even more destruction. I will never understand how Queens students & other University & College students are allowed to drink in the streets, destroy public & private property & generally do what they want when any ” regular” citizen would be behind bars before you could blink an eye. Implement immediate expulsion for a period of years suiting the infraction & really go after all lawbreakers involved in the partying & I guarantee some of the partying would fall by the wayside.

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