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In Vancouver it’s “By Sea, Land and Air We Prosper“, while Edmonton is guided by “Industry, Integrity, Progress“, and London lives “Through Labour and Perseverence“. In the Limestone City our motto is “Antiquitate Civilitate Humanitate“, which is to say that we aspire to be “A Civil And Creative Community With A Proud Past“.  Are kids still forced to memorize such important factoids in classrooms nowadays?   Do prospective businesses, new residents or tourists pay any attention to Kingston’s everlasting motto before selecting our city as their destination?  Are yesterday’s mottos relevant or are they long overdue for renovation?  On that note, this week’s poll wonders:
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We’re far from the city that never sleeps, and otherwise what happens in Kingston is likely to follow you around like a little orphaned puppy. Whether we like it or not, slogans and mottos say a great deal about a given city, and I’m not convinced that our motto is overly appealing in this day and age.  While it’s important to pay homage to our historical roots, can’t we come up with something a bit more exciting and memorable?  Is it too much to ask for something that jumps off of the brochure and sticks in the minds of tourists?  What would you suggest as an updated motto to guide Kingston through the next century or so?  Something humorous? Something serious?  Something set in Limestone perhaps?

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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  • I like the idea of the motto, but I think saying that we're "civil" means that there's a perception that we're not. I say keep the "proud past" part and re-jig the rest!

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