Kingston man arrested for multiple break and enters

Photo by First Response Media.

After responding to a complaint at an apartment complex, Kingston Police arrest an individual who had been implicated in break and enters around Kingston.

Kingston Police received a complaint from the superintendent of an apartment complex in downtown Kingston at approximately 10:15 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 30, 2020. The complainant stated that the accused male and a female associate had broken into the boiler room of the building, according to a report from Kingston Police, dated Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020.

Police say property and backpacks belonging to the accused were located by the superintendent in the boiler room.

According to the report, the accused and the female were located by police in a stairwell of the apartment building and both were subsequently arrested for trespassing. Further investigation revealed that the accused had pried open the boiler room door with a knife as well as a door which accessed the rooftop of the building. Kingston Police say the officers recognized the accused from bulletins previously released seeking the identity of this same male, who had been implicated in other break and enters throughout Kingston.

Officers, realizing that the accused male was wanted for these other break and enters, attempted to arrest him, however he became combative and attempted to flee from police, according to the report. The accused male brandished a can of bear spray, attempting to incapacitate the involved officers while they tried to handcuff him. Police disarmed the accused and also removed a knife that the accused had been concealing inside his clothing.

After handcuffing him, police searched the accused, incident to arrest, and also located a crowbar inside the sleeve of his jacket, according to the report. The accused refused to walk to the police cruiser and had to be carried by the officers while he berated them.

A trespass order to not return to the property was issued to the female who had been accompanying the accused. She was released by police.

According to police, the accused was transported to police headquarters where he continued to be uncooperative with the officers and was subsequently held to attend a bail hearing the following day.

Officers searched the backpacks and property belonging to the accused and located various break in tools, stolen cheques, vehicle registrations belonging to other individuals, stolen licence plates, and stolen identification cards, according to the report. Police also located a bag of suspected crystal methamphetamine inside one of his backpacks.

Chad Potvin, 33 years of age, faces 17 charges including:

  • assault police and attempt to use a weapon – two counts,
  • break enter and commit place other than dwelling,
  • possess break in instrument,
  • carry concealed weapon – two counts,
  • unlawful possession of schedule 1 substance,
  • possession of prohibited weapon,
  • possession of prohibited weapon while prohibited – four counts,
  • possession of weapon dangerous to public peace, and
  • possession of property obtained by crime under $5000 – four counts.

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