Kingston man arrested and charged after year of ongoing domestic abuse

Photo by First Response Media.

After learning of multiple domestic-related incidents that began in October of 2018, Kingston Police have arrested and charged a local man for a number of assaults against his former female partner.

The ongoing incidents were brought to the attention of police on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019. The accused man and the female victim had been involved in an intimate relationship with one another for over a year.

Police learned that, in October of 2018, an argument between the two escalated into violence, and the accused man threw the victim’s cellphone across the room, breaking it and rendering it useless. The man then grabbed the victim, lifting her up in the air before slamming her onto the floor and causing injury. During a separate argument on October 24, 2018, the accused man became angry with the victim and struck her in the stomach.

According to police, between October and November 2018, the accused man bit the victim in the arm during an argument, leaving teeth marks. Then, on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, the pregnant victim was thrown onto a couch by the man during an argument, and the man proceeded to choke the victim for approximately one minute.

Then, on Friday, Sept. 27, 2019, victim suggested having police attend to keep the peace while she returned some property to the accused man. The man became angered by this idea, and threatened to stab police and then stab the victim if police became involved.

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019, police located and arrested the accused man outside a west end residence at approximately 11:30 p.m. He was taken to Kingston Police Headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing the next day.

The 22-year-old Kingston man was charged with four counts of assault, uttering threats, and mischief under $5,000.

The following is a statement from Kingston Police:

No one has the right to abuse another person. Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and witnesses are encouraged to contact Kingston Police. The following links offer valuable support services and resources in the Kingston area for victims of domestic and/or sexual violence:

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