Kingston lifts parking restrictions to accommodate changing needs during COVID-19 pandemic

The City Of Kingston says it is lifting restrictions for on-street time-of-day parking in an effort to better accommodate the parking needs of healthcare workers who are experiencing changes to their daily commute, as well as residents who are working from home.

Until further notice, restrictions for on-street time-of-day parking are no longer in effect – including in residential parking permit areas that have weekday parking restrictions such as 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

“This change is being made to ensure that the parking supply throughout the city remains available and accessible to those who require it,” said the City in a press release.

The City says it continues to monitor the situation closely to understand the evolving needs of residents and commuters, and will adjust parking operations as necessary. 

10 thoughts on “Kingston lifts parking restrictions to accommodate changing needs during COVID-19 pandemic

  • This is appreciated… However, are healthcare workers still having to pay for the parking throughout this time?? Because I really think that should be taken into consideration throughout this pandemic as well.

  • Rideaucrest Employees should not have to pay for parking in their lot! Disgusting shame shame shame

  • Overnight parking on streets for caregivers for children would be helpful

  • Health care workers should have a special pass to allow them free car park and road space during this epidemic. What a wonderful gesture that would be from the city of Kingston. This would be a special thank you from the city.

  • What about all night parking on city streets? Is that waved as well?

  • Does this include the overnight parking restriction that runs until April?

  • Thank-You City of Kingston, for your Heartfelt and Respectful response to all the Citizens feeling the blunt of this COVID-19 blast ??

  • I hope they are lifting it on neighbourhood streets as well, as I had to make the decision to lock my vehicle in the garage with access to get out as I’m on call all night, but need to protect my vehicle from looting PPE during these times. So my spouse had to park on the street risking a ticket.

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