Kingston lands in CAA’s Top 10 Worst Roads for 2021

The view down Queen Street from Sydenham Street in downtown Kingston on Monday, Jun. 7, 2021. Queen Street made the CAA’s top 10 worst roads in Ontario list for 2021. Its warped surface – which is evident in the picture above – and numerous potholes have been a point of complaint for many Kingstonians over the years. Photo by Penny Cadue.

CAA has released their round up of the worst roads in Ontario, and Kingston has the displeasure of being in the top 10.

CAA’s annual Worst Roads campaign has influenced change, according to their website, resulting in repaving and repair work done to many of the roads that have appeared on Ontario’s Worst Roads list.

At the top of this year’s list is Victoria Road in Prince Edward County (PEC). The fourth spot also goes to PEC, for County Road 49, and Kingston rounds out the list with Queen Street at the number 10 spot.

The automobile association also creates a regional breakdown of roads in regions across Ontario. Two Kingston streets, along with two in PEC, made the Top 5 list for Eastern Ontario.

Spots one and two in the regional five go to the same two PEC roads that feature in the province-wide Top 10: Victoria Road and County Road 49. Kingston’s Queen Street lands at number three, and our own Johnson Street comes in at number five. Spot number four was handed to Bridge Street West in Belleville.

The full list of Ontario’s Top 10 Worst Roads:

  1. Victoria Road, Prince Edward County
  2. Carling Ave, Ottawa
  3. Barton Street East, Hamilton
  4. County Road 49, Prince Edward County
  5. Eglinton Ave East, Toronto
  6. Hunt Club Road, Ottawa
  7. Eglinton Ave West, Toronto
  8. Innes Road, Ottawa
  9. Algonquin Blvd West, Timmins
  10. Queen St, Kingston

Visit the CAA website to see the full collection of 2021 Worst Roads in Ontario.

2 thoughts on “Kingston lands in CAA’s Top 10 Worst Roads for 2021

  • There are many roads in Kingston that need repair, Brock Street, part of King ST. W, and the list goes on. They all have patches that don’t match the rest of the road. Every time roads are newly paved they seem to find a reason to dig them up for some kind of work. Can’t the city figure out where the work will be and make repairs before new paving is done?? Hence the patches, grrr.

    • Patching these roads does not work. We need to bite the bullet and start another Big Dig like the one that repaired Princess St. Queen St should be next, then Johnson, then Brock.

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