Kingston individual arrested after indecent exposure and assaulting a police officer

Photo by Lucas Mulder/Kingstonist.

Kingston Police have arrested and charged a panhandler who exposed themselves in public and subsequently assaulted a police officer.

According to a release from Kingston Police, on Saturday, Jun. 1, 2024, at approximately 2:15 p.m., the accused was observed panhandling in front of a store on Princess Street near Sydenham Street in downtown Kingston.

“The accused had their pants down and was fully exposing themselves to members of the public. The sidewalks were busy at that time with pedestrians passing by as well as children. The victim, who had been walking in the area, approached the accused and asked if they could help them. They also asked politely if the accused could pull up their pants so as not to offend others in the immediate area,” Kingston Police detailed.

“This seemed to enrage the accused who yelled at the victim and then lunged toward them while also spitting in their direction. The accused then removed their shoe and threw it at the victim, narrowly missing them.”

According to the release, police were contacted and it was discovered that the accused had recently been cautioned regarding similar previous and unruly behaviours that had taken place in the downtown core.

Police said the Downtown Urban Foot Patrol Officer located the accused lying on the sidewalk on Princess Street near Sydenham Street. The accused was reportedly still yelling expletives at people passing by.

“When the accused observed the officer approaching, they stood up and attempted to walk away. The officer advised the accused that they were under arrest and that they were not free to leave the area. The officer then attempted to take the accused into custody, however, they became combative while kicking and thrashing their arms toward police,” Kingston Police stated.

“A physical struggle ensued, while the accused continued to resist arrest, which culminated in both the officer and the accused falling into the window of a nearby store, shattering the glass. The officer issued numerous commands for the accused to stop resisting, however, the two then struggled across the sidewalk toward the live lanes of traffic, ultimately falling into the side of a parked vehicle. While on the ground attempting to effect the arrest, the accused turned and bit the officer’s arm.”

Police said the accused was subsequently taken into custody and transported to police headquarters where they were held to attend a bail hearing.

A 29-year-old local individual was charged with:

  • assault
  • resisting arrest
  • assaulting a peace officer
  • causing a disturbance
  • committing an indecent act in a public place

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