3 thoughts on “Kingston Council votes to end sleeping cabin program

  • Too bad NIMBY-ism has once more defeated a worthwhile initiative to help the homeless. I want to congratulate our local councillor Brandon Tozzo for taking a principled stand and voting against option 4.

  • I do not understand why NIMBY attitudes trump solutions like the sleeping cabins, and why Council caters to these ugly attitudes. Like Tozzo, I’ve never been 100% excited about the cabins as a solution. I was unimpressed about the location options as well as the “shed” model of housing, and would much prefer to see proper, permanent housing solutions. But in the meantime, getting people off the streets, out of tents, and into somewhat more secure housing should be priority #1 of this council. Kudos to Councillor, Brandon Tozzo, and Councillor Chavez, for taking a stand.

  • I am wondering if many of the downtown churches could not open their doors overnight. The pews could potentially be used as beds by providing mats and sleeping bags. If staffing/security is an issue on-site, utilize the money previously allocated with providing on-site security and cleaning. Many churches have bathrooms, kitchens and infrastructure and the normally the buildings are under-utilized during the 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. This suggestion is one that may open a host of other concerns (zoning, not addressing the root cause of homelessness, lack of support for mental illness and addiction, etc.). Winter is coming, unhomed persons still need a roof over their heads.

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