Kingston Council to decide on new all-way stop locations

If City Council approves recommendations from City staff at their next meeting, Kingston could be home to seven new all-way stop intersections. Photo by John Matychuk.

Some new signage will be in order if Kingston City Council approves recommendations coming before it to implement seven new all-way stops at intersections across the city.

At their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024, City Council will receive a report from Brad Joyce, Commissioner of Infrastructure, Transportation, and Emergency Service for the City. Ian Semple, the City’s Director of Transportation and Transit was consulted on the study of the possible implementation of all-way stops in Kingston, the report notes.

Overall, the report “provides an analysis of requests received for All-Way Stop Control (AWSC) implementation at 33 intersections across the City since the beginning of 2023. The report notes that multiple provincial and municipal regulations and guidelines were consulted for guidance.

Following the principles of those regulations and guidelines to carry out a study, the report ultimately recommends the implementation of AWSCs at seven intersections. Should Council approve those recommendations, amendments to the City of Kingston By-law Number 2003-209, “A By-law to Regulate Traffic,” would be necessary.

“AWSC can be used as a safety enhancement to mitigate collision risks at intersections and aligns with the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. However, there are also risks associated with implementing AWSC where they are not warranted, underscoring the need for careful consideration,” the report states.

According to the report, there are three “warrants” (meaning grounds or justifications) outlined in the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 5. Those are:

  1. The minimum volume warrant
  2. The collision warrant
  3. The visibility warrant

“Each intersection underwent a thorough assessment against these warrants,” Commissioner Joyce states in the report.

Detailed criteria for each warrant and specifics regarding the implementation of AWSCs are provided in the report. Staff are recommending all-way stops at five intersections based on “satisfying the volume warrants,” the report says, and two intersection locations are being recommended “based on staff review.”

Of the 33 intersections reviewed through the study, City staff are recommending the following five be outfitted as all-way stops “based on satisfying volume warrants”:

  • Development Drive at Trudell Road
  • Lancaster Drive at Bridle Path Crescent/Strand Boulevard
  • Bagot Street at William Street
  • Gore Road at Rose Abbey Drive
  • Conacher Drive at Wilson Street

“All above locations meet and/or are within an acceptable margin of each of the criteria set out in OTM Book 5 and are supported by engineering judgment,” reads the report.

While the report earlier states that two additional intersections are being recommended “based on staff review,” the report also notes that those two intersections are being recommended “based on the results of Warrant #3, which included a review of the sightlines and observations of the traffic movements.” Those two intersections which City staff are recommending AWCS be introduced at are:

  • Dolshire Street at Malabar Drive
  • William Street at Aberdeen Street

“The implementation of AWSC control at Dolshire Street at Malabar Drive is intended to address sightline concerns for turning vehicles and is supported by the turning movement patterns through the intersection,” the report details.

As for what led to the intersection of William Street at Aberdeen Street being recommended for all-way stop implementation, the report notes this is justified “based on a review of the traffic counts conducted.”

“Currently, a significant volume of pedestrians is crossing William Street at both legs of the intersection. This contributes to a combined volume of vehicles approaching from Aberdeen Street and pedestrians crossing William Street that far outweighs the volume of vehicles approaching from William Street,” the report explains.

“In line with provincial guidance, these findings support the implementation of AWSC, at minimum in the interim, to better support the patterns through the intersection.”

The report goes on to note that many of the intersections considered for implementation of all-way stops have also been identified as part of Report Number 22-167 – Planned Pedestrian Crossing Upgrades as candidate pedestrian crossing locations. Those intersections form “part of the preliminary list of 51 locations that are being considered as part of a broader city-wide program to upgrade pedestrian crossings.”

As for when the all-way stops would be installed at the intersections, the report notes that “each location will undergo a detailed site review to determine an implementation plan and any capital works required to enhance the location for pedestrian use.”

“The implementation of AWSC involves the installation of signage, including ‘NEW’ starburst signage in advance of the STOP sign when the AWSC is first introduced. Stop bars [painted on the roadway] will also be implemented at each location in coordination with signage installations. AWSC installation may also involve additional capital work, such as concrete and curb construction to install crosswalks where appropriate,” the report reads.

“Staff will endeavour to construct crosswalks where sidewalk connections, ramps and/or bus pads are already in place, and where sufficient boulevard space is available free of utility and driveway conflicts.”

The full report, which can be read on the City of Kingston website, will be discussed at the Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024, meeting of Council, which will take place beginning at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The full agenda for that meeting can also be read on the City of Kingston website. All meetings are open to the public to attend in person, or can be viewed virtually live (or afterward) on the Kingston City Council YouTube channel

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