Kingston City Council looks to condemn actions of Randy Hillier

Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. (Photo via Facebook.)

It appears as though Kingston City Council will join the Town of Perth, the Township of South Frontenac, and Loyalist Township in condemning the actions of Independent MPP Randy Hillier. 

In a motion slated for council on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, it will be requested that the Ford Government refer the actions of Randy Hillier to the Integrity Commissioner for investigation, as well as any further actions that may be available to the Provincial Government to use against Randy Hillier.  

Hillier has long opposed any measures used to curb the spread of COVID-19, even going as far as hosting several large, unmasked gatherings over the course of the past year where social distancing is also not practiced.  

In the past, Hillier has also gone as far as to compare the COVID-19 lockdown measures to Adolph Hitler, Nazi Germany and the Third Reich.

“Council will not silently stand by when members in our community are placed in harms way through Mr. Hillier’s wilful propagation of misinformation and/or association with groups that promote racist messaging,” the City of Kingston Council agenda for May 4, 2021 states.

The motion will be put forth by Councillor Bridget Doherty. She believes something needs to be done to distance themselves from Hillier, who represents a portion of Kingston at Queen’s Park.

“This is not just a constituent who does not believe in COVID, but we’re actually talking about an elected official who is paid by taxpayer money and is spreading misinformation,” Doherty said.

4 thoughts on “Kingston City Council looks to condemn actions of Randy Hillier

  • I do not personally agree with Mr. Hillier’s views on covid but I’m certainly in his camp on many other issues. I think it’s great that he is expressing a contrarian view and shouting it from the rooftops and acting accordingly. There is a hint of truth in what he says and the impact of lockdowns are having a profound negative health consequence across all portions of the population. The lockdowns for covid are a cure that are killing us in other ways. People not getting cancer treatment/screening, diabetes being left unattended, no check-ups at doctor’s office for hypertension, avoiding healthcare altogether. Then, the mental health impact on children who in their short years on this earth (think a 5/6/7/8 year old) are socialized into a community where we mask, don’t hug or touch, and limit interaction–this does not bode well for their future mental health–and is irreversible given the stage of their development at these ages. Anyone with youngsters knows that socialization, group play, “getting along”, has taken a big hit. Then there is the utter arbitrariness of a lot of the lockdown requirements. There is no rhyme or reason to many of the rules and I’m fairly certain that a lot of the rules simply spew from the imagination of “public health” doctors and what they consider important. Much of what they say has nothing to do with science or evidence. We place an awful lot of weight on the advice of “public health” doctors who, many doctor friends tell me, went into public health in medical school as the “basket weaving” courses to get a degree to graduate. Putting a lot of weight on them is, I’m fairly certain, very misguided. Does anyone really have any confidence that public health is weighing not only stopping covid but also the damage being done by the so called cure? I certainly don’t. For that reason, I’m happy that Mr. Hillier is out there. He is a counter-balance to rabid mob pounding on only one drum. And lastly, shame on the town councils for using their collective weight to quell a contrarian voice. This is outrageous. Take issue with Mr. Hiller with your individual voices–as councillors. But using the voice of council–as a single voice–is to levy a hammer to force compelled speech of a dictator’s dogma. So again, I don’t agree with Mr. Hillier’s views on covid but indeed he makes some valid points that are worth hearing.

    • Clearly, you’ve not been listening with both ears. Had we been following more stringent measures, than politicians asked, we’d be in a better situation now.

  • I am not a politician nor a health professional and I agree with the harm these lockdown are doing to Individuals especially children but what choice do we really have if we want to get back to our normal lives? When this pandemic is eventually over our lives will never go back to the normal we knew, maybe in some ways better or maybe worse, who knows. Our government and health experts are doing whatever they can to protect us even when situations change from day to day. The situation in India for example shows how dangerous this virus is. I’m tired of living this way along with the rest of you and miss travelling and seeing my children and grandchildren. For now “I” choose to follow the rules and protect myself and my family and friends.

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