Kingston business Marin Pest celebrates first year of business

Daniel Marin has spent over a decade in the pest control field, but just recently celebrate the first anniversary of opening his own business, Marin Pest. Photo by Bill Gowsell.


My neighbor, Daniel Marin, has been in the pest control business for over a decade. His experience in this field is extensive, and one year ago, after turning 40, Daniel took a risk that he had long thought about. He went into business for himself. No longer the employee, Daniel would become the face of and the workforce for Kingston’s newest pest control company, Marin Pest.

For Daniel and his wife Sarah, the idea of starting their own company was thrilling, but a large responsibility. To them, this was a natural progression in their lives that they had talked about it for years. When Daniel crossed into his forth decade of life, he knew now was the time to make the leap.

After ordering his truck with the specialized cab and the multiple tools that are exclusive to a pest control technician, Daniel was ready to get back to work, and Marin Pest was open for business in May of 2018.

Born in Costa Rica and growing up in an environment with a plethora of crawling bugs and animals of all sorts, Daniel has always had an appreciation for the wildlife and the environment that we share with them. Daniel believes in prevention as the best way to deal with unwanted animal guests in your home. Marin Pest looks to prevent problems before they occur, and has spent many hours working to relocate animals that are safely caught to a distant environment far from housing.

Sanitation and prevention are the best way to avoid problems at home with unwanted animals. When Marin Pest arrives at your door, Daniel’s aim is to do a thorough job that doesn’t just involve spraying chemicals all over your property and hoping for the best, he explained.

After a year in business, Marin Pest is very busy, and Daniel is actively working throughout the week and into the weekend for his many clients. Daniel’s philosophy is that he is not an exterminator, but a manager of animal interactions. Daniel spends his time inspecting the homes and businesses of his clients, calculating what he needs to do to ensure the problem is taken care of.

This inspection process may take hours of his time, but Daniel’s work and commitment to clients is evident by the multiple online reviews he has received from the past year. Should it come to spraying, the treatments that he does spray are designed to repel insects and other animals from homes. If you have a racoon who has taken up residence in your attic, Daniel will work diligently to trap and remove the animal, and relocate it safely.

When Daniel and Sarah moved next door to us two years ago, we met them a couple of days after the big move at the fence that separates our backyards. After exchanging pleasantries, Daniel pointed out a problem that we had ignored for awhile. “I see you have a wasp problem.” To which my wife pointed out to Daniel, “I noticed you are a pest control technician.”

Daniel Marin of Marin Pest with the huge wasp nest he removed from writer Bill Gowsell’s property. Photo by Bill Gowsell.

Not only did Daniel solve our wasp problem, I got to witness first-hand the inspection process that Daniel does at a client’s home. As September rolled around of that first year, I mentioned to Daniel that we always had mice in our house during the winter. Daniel came over and walked around my house with me pointing out trouble spots that should be addressed.

When he found a gaping hole near my garage that he was able to put his hand into easily, we found the front door that the mice had been using for the last few years to escape the winter. Daniel explained that if I plugged this hole with cement, my mouse problem would disappear. I did, and we have yet to deal with the vermin in our home since. Having been a customer of Daniel, I have seen first hand how dedicated he is to his job. Customer satisfaction is paramount to Marin Pest.

For those wondering what homeowners should do to avoid any unwanted animal guests, Daniel recommends you book seasonal sprays and keep house maintenance up to date. Small inexpensive maintenance of your home can reduce future problems with wildlife.

Congratulations on your successful first year in business Daniel and Sarah. If you think you have an animal issue, you will want a qualified skilled technician like Daniel to come to your home or business. You can reach Daniel  and


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