Kingston business ‘Love Over COVID’ gets boost from Dr. Moore

Image provided by Love Over COVID.

Local entrepreneur Ken Foster has garnered attention since Dr. Kieran Moore wore one of his Love Over COVID t-shirts to his COVID-19 vaccination appointment yesterday.

Foster, who said the tag line ‘Love is More Contagious than COVID’ came to him in the middle of the night about six months into the pandemic, didn’t know Dr. Moore, Medical Officer of Health for KFL&A Public Health, owned one of his t-shirts.

Dr. Moore sporting a Love Over Covid t-shirt at his vaccine appointment on Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2021. Image via KFL&A Public Health.

“I’m happy that the message is getting out there,” he said. “I love the endorsement, so thank you Dr. Moore. I will say that the Medical Community, all those Doctors, Nurses and PSW’s, really embraced the idea of ‘Love is More Contagious than COVID’ first and supported it.”

“When you are doing something that you believe in and are passionate about it, you find friends and allies will support you,” Foster continued. “Dr. Joy Hataley has been a huge supporter of my project and I have a feeling that seeing Dr. Moore in a Love Over COVID tee had a great deal to do with Dr. Hataley’s efforts – and it’s obvious the guy has good taste…”

The graphics on the front of the shirt are about celebrating the good between us, Foster said. “I wanted it to have a tribal feel, because at the end of the day we, the human race, are one big tribe. What really stood out to me was that this pandemic really demonstrated how closely connected we really are – if a virus can spread this quickly around the globe, then why couldn’t a concept such as love travel as fast?”

Foster said sales of Love Over COVID products have seen an exponential increase. He feels that people truly do want to embrace the idea that Love is More Contagious than COVID. 

“Yes, the pandemic is grim, and yes, we all are under a great deal of pressure,” Foster continued. “Being quarantined is tough, but even with all of these things, we find ways to get through it together. That love, in the end, does overcome the obstacles we face. When we wear a mask, when we keep six feet apart, when we get vaccinated – these are things that we do for ourselves, but we also do them for the people that we love, to keep them safe, and to protect people that we do not know.”

“Since I am a creative entrepreneur, and given the food crisis in Canada, I decided to marry these two things together,” he shared with Kingstonist.

All net proceeds of Love Over COVID products go to supporting food banks in North America. “I was motivated to find a way to bring us together, spread a simple message of love and give back to people who need help. I chose food banks, but many more have found different roads to be part of the solution and I commend them all,” he expressed.

The t-shirt and Love Over COVID tote bags are available for purchase at the Love Over COVID website at

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