Kingston battery recycling facility development halted

The cleared parcel of land on Creekford Road that was set to be the location of Li-Cycle’s new battery recycling plant. Photo via More Than Housing.

The Li-Cycle facility that was to be constructed in Kingston’s northwest end will no longer be going ahead as planned.

Following the news that Li-Cycle had suddenly halted processing at its Kingston plant on Hagerman Avenue earlier this week, Kingstonist inquired with the company — as well as the City of Kingston — as to the future of the new Li-Cycle site, situated off Creekford Road at 2800 Clogg’s Road.

The development had been approved using a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO), a provincial override of municipal zoning bylaws.

At time of publication, Li-Cycle has not responded to any of Kingstonist’s further inquiries about the closure of the Hagerman Avenue facility, nor about the Clogg’s Road development. Kingstonist inquired with Meghan Robidoux, the City Planner listed on the City of Kingston’s project overview on the Clogg’s Road development through its DASH portal, about the future of the project. Robidoux did not respond, but the City’s communications department provided a statement, with the most relevant information to the question posed in italics:

“We are disappointed to hear about Li-Cycle’s decision to defer the Kingston expansion for an unspecified period of time. We understand and are pleased that Li-Cycle is keeping its existing footprint in Kingston while they have shifted their focus on its European market. The City remains open to working with Li-Cycle in the future,” the City said, implying that the new development will not go ahead as planned.

“At this time, the City will work with other interested businesses to sell the Clogg’s Road property to strategic businesses that align with the City’s vision. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss any additional details at this point.”

This remains a developing story, and Kingstonist will provide updated coverage if/when more information becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Kingston battery recycling facility development halted

  • Good investigative work, The Kingstonist! Keep it up.

  • How many tall trees were cut down for this project which has pulled out? Li-Cycle should pay to replant a diverse Miyawaki-style forest, under the advisement of Little Forests Kingston.

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