KFL&A Public Health reports 11 confirmed COVID-19 cases

Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (KFL&A) Public Health have added three more cases of COVID-19 to the confirmed list of cases in the region.

On the morning of Tuesday, Mar. 24, 2020, the three new cases were added to the list, bringing the total number of cases in KFL&A to 11. This comes after four cases were added on Monday, Mar. 23, 2020.

The details being released on the three new cases are as follows:

-Case number 9 is that of a male in his 20s who recently travelled to Mexico and is currently in self-isolation.

-Case number 10 is that of a male in his pre-teens who had contact with a positive case (who had travelled) and is currently in self-isolation.

-And case number 11 is that of a female teen who had contact with a positive case (who had travelled) and is currently in self-isolation.

10 thoughts on “KFL&A Public Health reports 11 confirmed COVID-19 cases

  • Have any of these people been out in public places before they were self isolating? If so where have they been?

    • I don’t understand why we are not informed as to where these people were. We may have run into them somewhere. By not letting the public know is the best way to spread this virus. All the health officials have to do is give the public a time and place, as best as possible, as to where these individuals frequent. We could then take precautions and self isolate ourselves.

    • With regards to the younger cases, when did they contract the virus? Were they in the schools during any time they may have been contagious? Time lines would be helpful too!

  • Knowing where they have been would be helpful for the public. We need to be transparent and informed not just numbers relayed to us each day. community spread is coming, if not already present and we need to be informed. This information we get is vague and only adds to the stress. Step it up please.

  • But where exactly are the 11 new cases? In Kingston city, in Frontenac County, in Lennox and Addington County?

  • Yes, the numbers are small still, it would help to know where the infections are concentrated. NMes are not needed.

  • Nice alert today on our cell phones Mr. Government. Now let’s get an alert out to the people to warn them that this is going to give them a false sense of security. Let’s warn them that the majority of cases in the last week have been from community spread, but you have not changed your testing criteria – i.e. that in order to be tested, they must have recently travelled outside of Canada and have been exposed to someone with the virus. Let’s also warn them that there is a distinct possibility that while they were out performing their essential services jobs they may have been unknowingly exposed to someone with the virus, but they won’t qualify to be tested. Let’s warn them that untested people are undetected, untreated, non-quarantined people, as are all their recent contacts. I would like to see an alert like that come across my phone. Just saying!

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