Keep your cool with Gan Chev’s summer maintenance package

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Gan Chev’s technicians are ready to keep your vehicle healthy with maintenance inspections. Photo by John Serviss.

Summer is a busy time for travel, and the best way to avoid trouble on the roads is with routine vehicle maintenance.

Gan Chev is ready to keep your vehicle tuned up and set for any road trips, weekends away, or commutes to the cottage. With a routine maintenance inspection, the techs at the friendly Gananoque dealership will help you keep your vehicle healthy for both you and your passengers.

After a long cold winter, your heating and cooling system needs a refresh. A spring inspection allows Gan Chev technicians to inspect breaks, air filters, and battery life.

A clean engine air filter will improve fuel economy and provide better engine performance, according to Mike Kellam, Operations Manager for the dealership. “Less dust and debris gets into your engine while driving when you have a clean filter. And, it allows for proper airflow into your engine,” he explained.

“One of the main reasons we suggest having your cabin air filters changed would be to ensure that the air that is circulating in your vehicle is fresh,” added Neil Parson, Gan Chev’s Service Advisor. “Most people drive with their windows up in the summer heat, which means their air conditioning is running full time. The air that is circulated in your vehicle runs through the cabin air filter first. If your air filter is full of dust, that dust is then being circulated in your vehicle.”

Parson went on to explain that a vehicle’s heating and cooling system run through the same cabin air filter.

“All winter long you have been using your heating system and your air filters have been filtering out dust, which means your filters may be clogged by the time you get ready to use your AC,” he noted, adding that Gan Chev offers an air conditioning (AC) system service, which cleans the HVAC and ductwork system.

“This service removes any dust, odour, or mildew that built up over the winter. Because our vehicles go from hot to cold over the winter months (cold weather sets in, and then drivers have their heat on when driving) the vehicle’s HVAC systems condensate, which can cause mildew in the venting systems. Our AC service cleans this system and removes any dust/mildew before you start using your AC for the summer heat.”

It’s not too late for those who have already been beating the heat with their vehicle’s air conditioning system. Replacing air filters and having a routine maintenance check can be done at any point, though Gan Chev strongly suggests a vehicle check-up before any long-distance travelling.

“The last thing any car owner wants to have is car troubles while travelling. Most people use their vehicles in the summer for road trips, weekends away, commutes to the cottage, etc. Regular service and routine maintenance can help spot any potential weak points as your vehicle ages. Having your vehicle properly serviced can also help to ensure optimal fuel mileage,” Kellam advised.

For 45 years, Gan Chev has been a trusted go-to source for all things vehicle maintenance. Photo by Georgette Photography.

Many vehicle owners have a multi-point inspection done as part of their spring tire changeover appointment. If you haven’t had one yet this spring, get in touch with Gan Chev and book an affordable inspection ($59.95) to keep your vehicle in tip-top driving condition.

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