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A couple of weeks ago I got to thinking a bit about my adopted home and it prompted me to post some thoughts here. Very shortly thereafter by the magic of the intertubes I had received links from local blogs: Kingstonist, and K7 Waterfront, thus generating far more traffic than I probably deserved. Fast forward a week or so and after much money had changed hands, I was very kindly invited to be a contributor to Kingstonist.

My personal philosophy as it pertains to living in Kingston is best summarised by “there must be a better way and it ought to include traffic circles“. That generally puts me into the class of individuals who can instantly tell you how City Hall ought to work, but when pressed for details, will quickly turn towards the bar for another pint. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing – the world needs its dreamers and of course there are also plenty of people in this world just itching to implement mad schemes – think of me as your Kingstonist dreaming schemer always on the lookout for beer….

Now, before anyone gets excited and nominates me for a Pulizter or similar literary recognition, please rest assured that not only am I a terrible writer, but also I must remain somewhat anonymous – nothing mysterious or clandestine – merely to ensure a separation of private and professional life. However the curious amongst the readership might wish to know that friends of Junior will generally agree that he:

  • enjoys a good beer or two whenever the opportunity presents;
  • is the husband to a beautiful and incredibly patient wife;
  • is the father of two fierce creatures;
  • is a bit stupid for traffic circles;
  • is fiscally conservative – otherwise known as cheap;
  • is a resident homeowner in Kingston for the past few years;
  • likes nothing better than to (1) storm down an autobahn as fast as possible, and when autobahns are not handy to (2) devour books voraciously; and
  • has been an unfaithful fan of the Montreal Canadiens since about the age of eight.

Thank you Harvey, and to Kingstonist’s faithful readers – I will give it my level best to live up to the standard that has been set.

2 thoughts on “Junior – A New Kingstonista

  • A fellow Habs fan to boot! We are few and far between in these parts…too many Toronto and Ottawa fans in Ktown. Once again, glad to have you onboard Junior, and can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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