James Media ready to focus on local business marketing in Kingston area

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Lucas Heney on location in downtown Kingston shooting upcoming broadcast creative. Image by James Media.

Local businesses now have a new way to get their message in front of their potential customer base.

James Media, a creative agency that “bridges the gap between business and customer,” has set up shop here in Kingston and is ready to support local businesses with marketing and social media creatives.

After travelling the world for two and a half years, Lucas Heney, Creative Director for James Media, returned to his hometown of Kingston, ready to support businesses with specific and unique video content.

“I had the opportunity to work on incredible projects and meet some of the most talented and successful individuals on the planet,” Heney expressed. “I wanted to take my experiences and bring them back to Kingston to elevate this city and the hardworking people that call it home.”

Heney noted that Kingston is “behind the times” in terms of small business marketing and brand culture engagement through digital mediums.

“We empathize with this, as it can be uncharted waters for many business owners,” he said. “There is tremendous opportunity for businesses that look outside traditional marketing avenues (such as newspaper, magazine, billboard and radio) to absolutely dominate their industries by engaging on social media and incorporating visual assets into their marketing strategy.”

The James Media team, clockwise from top left: Lucas Heney, Creative Director; Arda, Executive Director; Kita, Accounts Receivable; and Matthew, Editor and Administration. Image by James Media.

Through their video production services, James Media can highlight every aspect of a brand or business. From product features to high-quality commercial spots, they work with small businesses and global brands to create content designed and tailored to support their specific needs.

“James Media is a creative agency that bridges the gap between business and customer. We take a unique approach to the projects we deliver for our clients,” Heney explained.

Heney noted that, when a company hires James Media, they usually have one of two outcomes in mind: solve a problem, or capitalize on an opportunity.

“Many production companies, videographers and media agencies become so focused on the creative they are delivering, they forget that the client is, ultimately, looking for results,” said Heney. “That creative needs to perform and deliver. That, at our core, is what drives us to deliver the best products for our customers.”

Examples of creative content that James Media creates for companies and organizations are Corporate Videos, Documentary Style Features, Product Photography and Video, Training Videos, and Broadcast Commercials. They have worked with James Reid, Latham Pools, Taylor AutoMall, Midas, ReMAX, Matt Lee, Luca First, Glow, and many others.

According to Heney, their most notable success story is Taylor AutoMall. “We came in and delivered national-level visual assets (photo-video) over the past 13 months. Taylor’s has seen a 20 per cent increase in year over year sales,” he stated.

Good marketing is the difference between a company living and dying in today’s market, Heney noted, stating that companies who don’t engage with their online audience through digital mediums may not survive in today’s “fast-paced world.”

“A lot of marketing companies try to overcomplicate their product and service, and speak in terms that try to elevate their worth to their clients,” he continued. “We at James Media understand that, at its core, marketing is pretty simple — Tell engaging stories and make products and services easily understandable, easily accessible, and visually beautiful.”

Learn more about James Media on their website, and see examples of their work on Instagram.

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