Incident at Ernestown Secondary School no cause for concern

An incident at Ernestown Secondary School caused a bit of a disturbance, but is no cause for concern, according to the Limestone District School Board.

On Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019, during the lunch hour, staff and students at the school heard a loud bang.

“As a precaution staff called the police to investigate. Police did a walk around the properties and discovered a burning garbage can outside,” said Jane Douglas-Charanduk, a Communications Officer with Limestone District School Board. “It was safely extinguished. There is no further investigation.”

Although staff monitored the doors of the school while police examined the area, no hold and secure was put in place, according to Douglas-Charanduk. Normal school operations continued once police had extinguished the fire and confirmed there was no cause for concern.

Despite some rumours being discussed on social media, this incident was in no way related to a shooting of any kind, and there was no safety risk towards students or staff.

“Our primary concern at all times is to ensure the safety of staff and students. We felt today it was in the best interest of our students to keep them inside while the suspicious sound was investigated,” Ernestown Secondary School said on Twitter.

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