Improperly parked truck cause of weekend accident, vehicle fire

A BMW struck a truck on Montreal Street after the truck rolled from its parking spot into the roadway on Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020. Photo by Lucas Mulder.

It was the kind of scene you only hope to see in the movies – and, luckily, one that didn’t involve any serious injuries.

On Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020, just before 8 p.m., a two-vehicle collision involving a truck and a BMW car resulted in both vehicles engulfed in flames on Montreal Street near McCauley Street.

What was originally believed by witnesses to be a T-bone accident after the truck involved did a U-turn in the middle of Montreal Street was actually a T-bone accident that occurred after the truck rolled from its parking spot in a driveway into the road. According to Kingston Police, the truck was improperly parked and rolled from the private driveway into the street where it was struck by the oncoming BMW.

After the collision, the car went up in flames, but was quickly extinguished by Kingston Fire and Rescue just before the truck also caught fire. Heavy smoke could be seen billowing into the sky for several blocks as firefighters worked to ensure both fires were out and no one was injured. The roadway remained closed for approximately an hour as tow trucks attended the scene to remove the vehicles.

Smoke filled the sky following the vehicle fires that resulted from the collision on Montreal Street. Photo by Curtis Longmire.

According to Kingston Police, the male owner of the truck was subsequently charged with section 170(9) of the Highway Traffic Act: Failure to take precaution against a vehicle being set in motion.

The aftermath of the collision and subsequent vehicle fires on Montreal Street. Photo by Lucas Mulder.

Despite the frightening scene and extensive damage to both vehicles, it appears no one was seriously injured as a result of the accident. Montreal Street was re-opened to traffic approximately one hour later.

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  • yea have a good look at that video from the store, seems to me the one who walked around that truck, probably while it was running, put it in gear and laughed about it. I ain’t no rocket scientist but that is who should be charged with attempted murder.

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