Important piece of equipment stolen from Community Midwives in vehicle break-in

A bilimeter was stolen from a midwife’s vehicle during a break-in in downtown Kingston

The Community Midwives of Kingston say they are missing a crucial piece of equipment following a vehicle break-in in downtown Kingston last night.

“One of our midwives had a very important piece of equipment taken from her car on Bagot and Raglan St sometime in the night between December 17 & 18,” said Community Midwives of Kingston in a statement.

The stolen machine, called a bilimeter, can only be used to check jaundice levels for newborns and has little value for the general public, but is priceless for the midwife team.

“We use it all of the time…This is a very precious piece of equipment to us and it helps us keep new babies healthy,” the statement read.

When it was taken, it was safely kept inside of a soft, blue, rectangular travelling case.

The midwife team searched the vicinity in case the item had been discarded shortly after it was taken, with no luck. “Unfortunately it snowed, and we haven’t been able to find it walking. Please keep a look out! We will give anyone who finds it a reward! No questions asked,” they said.

Anyone who finds the missing item can drop it off at the Community Midwives of Kingston office, located at 391 Barrie St, during regular business hours.

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  • I hope when they catch this guy he get a public spanking and you print their name for us all to see who we can and can’t trust in the community. Otherwise it would be another injustice.

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