How Hastings-Lennox & Addington federal election candidates are spending election day

After a snap election call and whirlwind five-week campaign, election day has arrived. However, that doesn’t mean that the candidates are sitting back to watch the numbers just yet. Here’s how the local Hastings-Lennox & Addington candidates are spending their day, and where they will be watching the results with supporters as they come in.

Mike Bossio (Liberal) started his day at the Goodyear plant in Napanee, saying hello to the workers as they were changing shifts. After the shift change was over, he walked through downtown Napanee, greeting and chatting with people on their way to work. Throughout the day, he’ll be knocking on doors, talking with people and getting them out to vote until polls close. Bossio will end the day at the Waterfront River Pub in Napanee for a watch party with his team and supporters.

Matilda DeBues (NDP) is spending her day trying to get as many people as possible to go and vote. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be for us in the NDP, but we’re just trying to get everyone to exercise their right to vote,” she said, noting she has been contacting people, making sure people are getting to the polls, and answering last-minute questions. Because of rising COVID cases, the NDP across the country have said no in-person watch parties, she explained, “Whether that’s indoor or outdoor, just because we want to be keeping everyone safe for sure, especially with the Delta variant going around, so I will probably be with my family, two older brothers and mum, watching the telly intently.”

Shelby Kramp-Neuman (Conservative) is feeling “calm and focused.” She started her day at five o’clock this morning. She will be travelling across the riding from north to south working alongside her campaign team. “The energy and organization of our Get out the Vote team is in mode. We have roaming walking teams and dozens of volunteer callers in mode reminding people to vote. I’m humbled by all of our support and help as we continue to put our best foot forward all day,” Kramp-Neuman said.
Tonight she will watch the results from home and, regardless of the outcome, she will hold a small outdoor function on the weekend to thank her team.

Reg Wilson (Green Party) said, “I think the electors have generally made their decision at this point, so I am not on the street. I am home calling and emailing supporters and party members, thanking them for their support and answering a few questions from potential voters who continue to contact me.”

Jennifer Sloan (Independent) spent the morning out door-knocking, reminding people to get out and vote.  Her campaign manager, Matt Raham,  says he “made her take the afternoon off to spend it with her kids.” This evening Sloan will join with friends and family to “pray for our country and see how the election turns out.”  She has been keeping in touch with her husband Derek Sloan, who is a candidate in Alberta, with phone calls and Facetime throughout the day.

James Babcock (People’s Party of Canada) spent the day at work and will spend a quiet evening at home with his wife watching the election coverage.

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