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Have you ever thought about buying a house? I mean, have you seriously ever thought of buying a house? Or have you bought a house? Because any advice would be greatly appreciated at this time in my life!

Just five years ago, I would have said you were crazy if you thought I could become one of those A-list members they call home owners. I couldn’t fathom the thought. Student and credit card debts were abundant and the only nutritional value to my dinner for years was an itty bitty dollop of canned tomato sauce added to my cheap store brand pasta. Besides, only responsible and respectable people owned homes.

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Times have changed since then. I’ve worked my way out of debt the regular hard way by getting a paying job and paying down those debts. The days of crazy collector calls are all but a faint memory. Today, I’m actually honestly thinking about and slowly working up to buying a house.

Why is it so scary?! Every time I think about home ownership, I get elated and a bit nauseous. Am I responsible enough to own a home? If the roof caved in, would I know what to do? If the basement flooded, how do I bail myself out? Please tell me I’m not the only one who worries about these things.

The fact is I’m very early in the house buying stages. I just filled out a random pre-approval application for a mortgage. It’s scary how much homes cost! To my surprise and delight, I was approved. I have the PDF file saved to both my work and home computer desktops. I cried when I received the approval. Damn, this is an emotional rollercoaster ride!

There is one piece of advice I can share to those who are thinking of buying their first home. You should attend a first time home buyer’s seminar. Honestly, it isn’t as scary as you may think. These seminars normally consist of mortgage specialists, realtors (they aren’t as scary as I thought), lawyers, home inspectors, CMHC professionals, insurance people, and first time home buyers. Some of these first timers had their parents with them making a little certain drag queen feel extra old. I found the seminar very informative especially the presentation from the CMHC professional.

Through the grapevine, I’ve been told of another first time home buyer’s and seller’s seminar taking place soon. If you are seriously thinking of home ownership or maybe selling your home (for real cheap to a nice and friendly drag queen), sign up for the seminar! There are no fees. It will be at the Isabel Turner Library (Cat Centre) on Wednesday, April 15th at 7pm. The organizers are asking that you RSVP as seating is limited. Call Martin Spilchen at 613-539-2100 or Cindy Ioannidis (friends call her Cindy I) at 613-328-9781.



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