Holiday Caption Contest

Santa Claus Parade Kingston
‘Tis the season, and in case you missed it, Kingston had its Santa Claus Parade on the 22nd of November. That’s pretty early, then again I’ve never really understood why retailers start displaying winter wonderlands, and sell everything from candy canes to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Chia Pets immediately after Halloween. I suppose we should be thankful that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving before Halloween, otherwise we’d have to suffer through the Americanized trample-fest, also known as Black Friday. But I digress. Yesterday, I started my Christmas shopping, both in and around Kingston, as well as online. With luck, it will all be done within the next week or so, thus allowing me to sit back and enjoy a festive glass of moose milk while everyone else is scurrying about at the very last minute.

Whether you fall into this category or not, Kingstonist would like to help you complete your holiday shopping by offering you a $25 gift certificate towards any local business that accepts Santa Bucks. This includes: The Grand Theatre, Atomica, Le Chien Noir, Luce, Minotaur, Tango, Windmills and many, many more! In case you’ve never heard of Santa Bucks, they’re essentially gift certificates (for $10 off purchases of $50 or more) that are being offered by Downtown Kingston! for free (print them here). So with the addition of Kingstonist’s $25 gift certificate, the winner of this month’s contest could save $35 off a $50 purchase.

How do you win this coveted prize you ask? Simply provide a snappy, funny or memorable caption to the Santa Claus parade picture found at the top of this post. We’ll accept multiple entries from each reader, however all entries must be received by 1am on December 19th. After consulting our jury, Kingstonist will announce the winner later that day, which leaves them just enough time to spend their cash wherever they please. Good luck!

A special thanks to Tom Rutledge for allowing Kingstonist to use his photo of parade spectators. For more of his amazing, and locally focused work, please check out his Flickr.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Caption Contest

  • 1. Five disappointed faces along the parade route after the inflatable Sponge Bob tangled with the power lines.
    2. Fronts make history with their new first line.
    3. Studies suggest that children drink too much coffee waiting for Santa during the holiday season.

  • 1) Sadly, the children finally learned what mother meant when she told them never to sit on the cold ground ‘lest they get piles.

    2) The children grew despondent, realizing that the stranger they had sent for cappucinno was never coming back.

    3) Trying to remain incognito, the Dionne Quintuplets huddled under the blanket knowing that the paparazzi were not far behind.

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