Hey witches! Friday the 13th is the night to walk for a good cause

Kingston’s Supreme Witches prepare for the wicked walking event, “witch” will raise funds for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Kingston. Submitted photo.

Brush off your brooms and lace up your boots — it is almost time for Kingston’s first-ever Witches’ Walk.

On Friday the 13th of October (appropriately), witches will take to the Kingston streets to raise funds for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Kingston. Walk organizer Tyffanie Morgan says attendance will be supernatural, with over 1,000 participants expected.

Morgan, a local drag queen entertainer and host of the podcast “What’s the Maple Tea?”, is one of five Supreme Witches, along with Marie, Kai, Tiffany, and Alyssa (who works with the Elizabeth Fry Society), who are organizing the event. The group based the idea on other events they have seen in communities worldwide.

“Sandusky, Ohio, has a really big witches’ walk, and it brings together the downtown businesses and stuff like that. It’s a great idea to just get dressed up and go as a as a gaggle of people in witch attire,” said Morgan. “That’s something I’ve wanted to do. And also the dance, which is very popular too.”

Popular Kingston community leader and performer Tyffanie Morgan. Submitted photo.

Morgan thought it would be fun to do, and took it on with gusto: “You [realize], ‘Well, it’s not going to happen unless I do something.’ So I did the call out in August… wondering if there were other people interested. We started getting together regularly, just organizing the walk and the “brew crawl” pub crawl that we’re doing. We also did a broom-making workshop.”

The walk will collect donations for the Elizabeth Fry Society, which Morgan said “was a perfect choice” to benefit from the walk.

“We saw it as as a charity that we [could] get behind. They help with homelessness, but they also help women going through the legal system,” she explained.

“We’re reaching out to women because witches have historically always been [a kind of] women’s community. Some single woman, maybe her husband died in previous years and then some other guy [says], ‘I want her land,’ and accuses her of being a witch… So they need to stick together, women helping women.”

The event came together so naturally that Morgan said it will likely become a yearly event. “We’re definitely going to be doing this again. We have our website and our Facebook group now, and hopefully next year we’ll be able to engage a lot more businesses downtown.”

Morgan offered some wicked reminders for those planning to attend.

Noting that this is an all-ages, all-genders event, “The event is predominantly for women; however, it is inclusive of all witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and sorceresses of all genders. We do anticipate little witches, maiden witches, mother witches, and crone witches. This is a non-religious event, although witches of any and all faiths are welcome,“ she said.

Participants are asked to gather in Skeleton Park (Officially named McBurney Park, which is bounded by Ordnance, Alma, and Balaclava Streets) on Friday, Oct. 13 at around 6:30 p.m., “rain or moonlight.” Around 7 p.m. the walkers will begin making their way down to Confederation Park, where they will hear a message from the chosen charity, the Elizabeth Fry Society. Afterward, the Cauldron Sisters will give a dance performance for everyone’s enjoyment.

Participants should bring cash for donations; the Supreme Witches will be accepting cash donations for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Kingston.

After the walk, participants 19 years old and older might be interested in the Brew Crawl. (Space is limited, so registration is recommended.)

To find out more, visit the Kingston Witches’ Walk website or Facebook page.

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